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"Extremism *in the defense of Liberty* is no vice."
"The Left isnt made up of friends&allies. It's made up of competing parasites."
The gay suicide guy and the glaring failures of Liberalism 
2nd-Oct-2010 12:33 pm
I'd meant to post something about this news item. Tyler Clementi's body ID'd - Rutgers freshman committed suicide after sex video was streamed on web This is going to end up behind a cut due to length, so I'm going to post the two points few will talk about regarding this issue first. Liberals in particular will rage rage rage, unable to comprehend anything after the first comment. That's a choice. If you don't read and think about the whole post, you're probably a mindless Liberal zombie.

For the aforementioned thinking impaired, one quick point so you have no excuse: The people who victimized this kid should get whatever maximum sentence is available for invasion of privacy. Then they should be civilly sued into a lifetime of bankruptcy. They should be hounded by all others on campus until they are driven out. They boasted about their genuinely evil act when doing it. If they turned up swinging from a tree branch I would hope the perpetrators got away clean. That's not an exaggeration.

Unpopular point 1: Quoting from the brilliant piece by Evan Sayet, "How Modern Liberals 'think'" - "Forget the moral component for a moment; let's just talk practicalities. If your boy's out messing around, he's not home reading a book. If your daughter's down at the abortion mill again, she's not at the library studying for the SATs. If your son's in a hospital bed somewhere dying of AIDS, he's not putting together his five-year plan."
More people should be pointing out that everyone in college should be spending more time learning and less time screwing. I am sick to death of encountering degreed dimwits who spent college whoring and have NO understanding of the world. A rat can fornicate. It doesn't give you worth. Regarding the unearned piece of sheepskin you got for having the access to money and the ability to show up, on behalf of all those who didn't have those opportunities but would have cherished the opportunity, or who worked for them, let me just say screw you. Our Liberal driven society continues to teach that adolescence (which to them extends to about 26 according to the health care "reform"), is a time of having an adult body with child responsibilities and consequences. They treat anyone who isn't promiscuous as weird. This complete lack of responsibility comes from all directions, including academia. That guy was screwing because he wasn't reading a book, and the vermin who taped him were busy taping because they weren't studying. CLEARLY their school (along with their parents and society) failed them as much as they failed themselves. (Read the Sayet link above for why Liberals are this way. It's brilliant.).
Does that mean I think he is at fault for being taped? Don't be an imbecile.

Unpopular point 2: If this guy had been heterosexual not a single Liberal would have batted an eyelash at what would have been a one line news blurb. If pressed to comment on his suicide and the taping they'd say he should grow up because it's just sex. He will join the ranks of poster boys against gay oppression when their sympathies would have been nil if he didn't prefer the same genitals. But they claim they want equality?
Maybe, just maybe, if they'd stop promoting the coddling of gays this kind of reaction would be less frequent. (More on this last below)

Now... on to the talk_politics posters about this, more on Liberal reactions, and my pontificating...

This morning I decided to glance over at the Lib dominated monkey cage of talk_politics to witness the latest evil and delusion trickling down from the Soros machine via the Tides Foundation and Center for American Progress. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and by Liberals! A couple of them showed an ability to think rather than react. I was stunned.

Before I start let me say I titled this "the gay suicide guy" because that's exactly how Liberals are disgustingly billing it. Note how to them everything is the victimhood niche into which one fits. He isn't a person who was victimized. He was the GAY suicide.

But it doesn't end there. Genuinely evil scumbag Telemann, who is incapable of seeing the world from any lens but identity politics, posted this bit of hate speech in the OP, which I don't think anyone challenged him on.

"If there's any slight consolation in this story about the gay kid [...] it's that the brown South Asian guy and brown Asian girl will find out that kicking someone lower on the social food chain doesn't buy them the leniency that their white classmates would get."

How many things are wrong with this statement? No one exists to Telemann or his equally delusional friend outside of the little bigoted holes in which they've been set. And even when they do THAT, the contradict their own normal stereotypes! The rationalization it takes to be a Liberal must be exhausting!

"gay kid" Despite his effort at contempt, that is what HE sees. That's worth noting.

"the brown South Asian guy and brown Asian girl" This is DESPERATE Liberal stereotyping. Asians are yellow, not brown. But the MINDLESS Liberal talking point; the bigoted lens through which THEY view the world; the constant cliche; is, "typical white people hate brown people" or some other version of how Americans hate brown people. So even when they are yellow, they must be painted as brown as the simple minded slogan to serve the Liberal agenda.

This is double insulting because Liberals can't stand Asians. Cannot. Stand. Them. Asians constantly prove all of the Liberal excuses for why blacks have it hard to be complete bullshit. Asians look different. Asians come here dirt poor. Asians suffered discrimination and what was all but slavery. ("A Chinaman's chance") Yet Asians work their asses off while getting few if any of the affirmative action bonuses, and time and again succeed, all without chronically killing other Asians. This causes endless resentment from Liberals. When those points come up suddenly they aren't "brown" as the assholes above painted it.

All that makes it all the more insulting when he paints gays as "lower on the social food chain". Clearly not in HIS "social food chain."

Credit is due to the Liberals who called the scumbag OP on it, even if much of their reaction wasn't much better.

Now let me move on from the scumbags to the couple of Liberals who had something useful to offer on this topic.

devil_ad_vocate, who is usually an incredible scumbag, made a great comment:

"I realize I may be an anachronism, but my father told me at an early age that I needed to be able to defend myself. I suggest gay teenagers do the same. That way - when the school counselors fail, and the law fails, they have the option of confronting their bullies: "I understand you have issues, but I think you need to stop doing this, or I'm going to have to KICK YOUR ASS UP BETWEEN YOUR SHOULDERBLADES!"

If that attitude were taught in the "gay community" and by parents, gay suicides would be far less frequent.

I traveled cross country with my friend who was going to live with his brother while attending college. His brother's boyfriend met us on the way when we had car trouble. He was a great guy, like any other guy. The moment he got around the brother he became a flaming cliche like the brilliant performance of Hank Azaria in The Bird Cage. I said to him then the politically incorrect thing I will say now...
Liking dick doesn't mean you have to be a pussy.
He took it well and was a stand up guy. The brother, on the other hand, spent the two weeks trying to seduce me when his partner wasn't around. He was an ultra Lib asshole. It should come as no surprise he's a social sciences professor.

I'm pretty sure indalay is a Lib. Either way I want to repeat this comment.
"This post really railed me. How can you so misinterpret based on labels? It has nothing to do with orientation or ethnicity, it is all about how you are raised. The kid who committed suicide had no one he could trust, the 2 who did the webcam had no one who taught them empathy. What does anything else at all have to do with it? What's the matter with you, [info]telemann? If you were just being sarcastic, that is so very wrong too."

Indalay misses the negative influence of Liberal dominated society and Liberal dominated education, both of which reinforce divisiveness, victimhood and a complete lack of responsibility. But it is a very good point worth noting.

There you have it. My overly long rambling on the topic for what it's worth.
2nd-Oct-2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
That's an unfortunate situation. People need to be careful and consider acting as if the whole world is watching their every move when they are in a world like university. I know my brother and his friends have had equally embarassing moments when one of them would have the misfortune of falling asleep dead drunk and waking up after a night of the other guys doing lewd things around him and taking pictures. There were no suicides. They had to toughen up and think about how much they drink.

They treat anyone who isn't promiscuous as weird.

They do that everywhere now. I did a post similiar to that idea in conservatism a few days ago, and they didn't post it for some reason. Maybe because I brought up examples from my personal life? The point I made is that our culture is getting lower and lower, yet people are afraid to demand that the bar be raised because the scuzzy people scream louder and ridicule more. Things that were obviously unacceptable ten years ago are going to the mainstream. Nothing is shocking anymore, like I watched that nasty Telephone video by Lady Gaga and didn't blink. How much lower can we go? Pretty soon, it will be nothing to complain about in our society for someone to cut their pants open and shove spaghettios up their twat.


I told my dad about my post, and he told me that when he and my mom were younger, -like maybe in their 20s- they called up a radio station with something nasty on it (he couldn't remember what the topic was). He told the dj that he and his family didn't agree with the topic. The dj left him on hold for ages; all the while, my dad could hear the guy and his buddies ridiculing him and treating him like he was backwards for having some standards. Unfortunately, he was young and nervous and couldn't talk that well. When they got him on the show, they talked over him and ridiculed him on the air. Afterwards, he said that he and my mom thought of themselves as being like weirdos or prudes.

Now, all these years later, my dad heard the term 'silent majority' and learned that there are a lot of people that think like he does. That's why it's nice that we have people like Beck and Rush Limbaugh who will talk about conservative values in a mature way. I loved seeing the Rules for Radicals and reading articles about the bullying tactics that 'progressives' use to bring us lower as a culture. Unfortunately, it seems like so many people are buying into it because it's easier to have lower standards.
2nd-Oct-2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
As for Teletubby, I hope to GOD that he is some neckbeard basement dweller that doesn't talk to people outside of the internet and not in some destructive position, like being a professor Ayers type. He's just the most nasty, fanatical mean-spirited guy ever. He doesn't even try to be anything but a troll here to harass the eeeeeebul RepubliKKKans.
3rd-Oct-2010 04:38 am (UTC)
Wendy Shalit (of the blog Modestly Yours) has done amazing things for young women on campus, teaching them that they can be more than just playthings, and that being popular with the fraternities is not the main goal of university life.

I wish that all freshmen could get an Integrity 101 class, because it seems like they're not getting that message at home.
4th-Oct-2010 09:39 pm (UTC)
Send your kids to an engineering school! I can vouch that there's no sex going on there!
4th-Oct-2010 09:44 pm (UTC)
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