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"Extremism *in the defense of Liberty* is no vice."

"The Left isnt made up of friends&allies. It's made up of competing parasites."

Melvin Udall
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Welcome to my profile page. There isn't much here, by design.

Everyone of any political persuasion is welcome to post in this journal, assuming they conduct themselves as I feel a guest should. That said, I make no bones about the fact that I do not like Modern Liberals. If you want to know why, feel free to ask. The following links cover much of it.
How Modern Liberals Think
How to argue like a liberal
A Meditation on Hope and Change
Also, see the bottom of this profile.
Because of my low opinion of Modern Liberals and my intolerance toward their most common methods of argument I provide more leeway to non-Liberals in conduct. If that makes me a bad guy, so be it. Livejournal is rife with Liberal group think and mutual admiration societies. Just about every political community is infected with a host of Liberal trolls forming an echo chamber to drown out any other views. I won't allow it here. If that seems unfair, welcome to life and go look for a circle-jerk. That said, Liberals are welcome to join in the exchange.

As of 04/13/11 I regrettably ended allowing anon posting. This is why. Create an account and reply away.

A note to those who friend me. I deeply appreciate the compliment. I do. I check my friends list about once every six months. I also have a fair amount of reading I do each day between the sources for posting and my existing friends list. I mean no offense if I do not friend back. I have had Liberals pretend, literally for a year or more, to be stable and reasonable only to suddenly reveal their year long hatred of me. I've seen Liberals sockpuppet and stalk for months and more so they can dig dirt on people. As a result I am not quick to friend. Generally if someone has been commenting for months when I check the list I try to add them. Either way, I do appreciate the compliment and mean no offense if it isn't reciprocated.

Why did I choose the name Melvin_Udall, you ask? Have you ever seen As Good as it Gets? It's a fine film, exceptionally acted. For good or ill I'm a younger version of that guy, minus the OCD. I am judgmental, passionate, blunt and often offensive. Deep down I mean well. I say this so all are forewarned. If you embrace political correctness or assume I should watch out for your feelings and sensitivities, brace yourself; you will be in for a bumpy ride. I try to be polite, but I'm honest. However, if you've earned my respect I will generally consider objections to my methods of communication. And no, these aren't "internet balls." I'm just as "charming" in real life.

I notice a common habit in communities on LJ. Having lost the exchange Liberals will head directly to someone's profile to dig up personal dirt to attack them. I have even experienced and seen others fall victim to Liberals who go to the trouble of reading their entire journal, with comments, to make personal attacks. (This says a lot about them and their ideology)

To those people I offer this. Jackasses who are here to find a way to insult me because of a community I post in, a couple of things:
First, I knowingly posted all this. Do you think any of the dumb shit you'll say from it can bother me? Nothing on my journal is a source of embarrassment to me. So good luck.
Second, you have too much time on your hands and OBVIOUSLY too little of value to express on your own if you came here looking for ammo. Maybe you shouldn't advertise it any more than you already do every time you open your yap or put fingers to keyboard.

I think that covers the basics. Again, welcome all, and thanks for having enough interest to come to my profile.