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This is excellent.

People need to understand to pick their battles.

I spread the stuff about the militarization of police, and of police abuse, too. I am very concerned. Brown and Garner are not the hills I"m going to pick just because they are popular.
"In an interview with the Daily Herald , Barthel said, 'The problem is we have a lot of people who are trying to create problems between the citizens and the people who try to protect them.'”
RIGHT NOW, these campaigns based on Ferguson and on Garner, are ENTIRELY pushed by those who want to push racial division and want a zampolit in every police station. Make no mistake, if you're on board with them for your (reasonable) libertarian or (reasonable) anti-militant-police agenda you are playing the role of useful idiot working for racists and communists.

Fantastic T-Shirt Launched by Police Officer in Response to ‘I Can’t Breathe’

There are problems with some police nationwide. But it is indisputable that the vast majority of blacks supposedly being oppressed by cops are breaking the law. Few are addressing the root problems of single parent households and committing the crime in the first place. If you condemn the cops and not criminals the left thanks you for your help.
This article on Sons of Anarchy has some errors that indicate a lack of familiarity with the series, but it got more right than wrong.

Obviously ***spoilers***

He ran out of a plan seasons ago. But throw in race preaching, sex preaching, some hamfisted references to classic works, some shock value, and BOOM, Hollywood loves you.
"I'll bring a black guy into the club on the last ep and have one of them screwing a tranny - nobody has done trannies yet -, then throw in some bread and wine references. Genius!"

'But it had Shakespeare references!' That's it?!? So if they'd opened an episode with a midget homosexual hopping on a stump and doing a monologue about dreams on Summer nights it would have been clever? No.

Jax didn't die for anyone's sins. He died because he felt like it. That's just one flaw in the hamfisted, arms spread, suicide imagery of the sloppy final scene.

Had the show been quality Opie would still be alive and newly out of prison, and would have killed Jax after Mr. Mayhem was invoked, thereby restoring the soul to the club. Instead, they tied up some loose ends and the countdown to when that clown brigade of a club all end up in jail begins.

That this will be be given anywhere near the credit of The Shield or Breaking Bad is a shame. In the beginning they really had a show, and it was about something. That something may not have been great, but it was something.

"It takes special collective talent to confuse Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, believe that neighborhood watch person George Zimmerman was a cop, and misspell Trayvon Martin's name, all in just one report. Also note, given the reference to "an earlier version of this correction," that it took two corrections for the Times to get these basic items in order"
- They didn't get them right because leftists do. not. care. care about the any of the lives or facts involved, only the agenda.

When 100K march peacefully against abortion in DC media is silent. When thousands gather across the mnation for small government and low taxes the media screams "terrorist".

When leftists destroy a town the media says we must talk about race. When far too many among a protest chant about wanting dead cops the media ignores it.

The real problem in America is not enough people hate leftists, and let them get away with this.

"I ain’t racist really
but I’m down with black and brown.
Those who are last shall be first,
Whites on the bottom now!"

Michael Brown lyrics. He wasn't wrong. I'll give him that.
You didn't know about these? That he was an aspiring rapper who, had he successfully killed a white cop and walked would have immediately established lifetime street cred and fame? Neither did I.

Leftists will look at this and ask if I can source to a legitimate news source. I wish I could. But they'd never cover this. And we know why.

So can I couch for the credibility of this? Nope. Does any of this - especially it not being reported - surprise me? Nope.

I could write volumes on how she thinks whipping her sexual partners, having a cigar in her mouth, and being nasty to people all fit nicely into some Freudian philosophy, but I won't bother.

"turns the tables on the 'Wolf of Wall Street' attitudes that men have long been rewarded for"
Yes. That story reflected reality, the norm of that and other industries. That's what Hollywood does. Yessir.

This is how progressivism insidiously infects too many, and works to divide us. Anita Finlay is probably a good person, and may even be a good non-leftist. But she's willing to buy into any leftist propaganda to support misandry for her female "team". 

"For a less, ahem, 'abrasive' video that makes a similar point, see Maddie and Tae’s 'Girl in a Country Song,'"
Which, in the name of fun, also acts as if men are flawed because the genders find different things sexually attractive. 

She wants fairness for both sexes? Start here:
"Maybe that’s the secret male fear!"
To call that hypocrisy insults hypocrites.
Let men openly write articles and support the idea of the secret female fear and try to keep their jobs. 

At the core of this is acceptable gender hatred. That cannot lead to the equality they pretend to want. And it isn't okay.

Here's the link. I wouldn't bother. And the video is poor quality and insulting, so doesn't deserve the hits. I sat through several seasons of Girls, yet turned this off about 30 seconds in.
More evidence the gender wage gap is due to choice, not discrimination
"But dig deeper, and one will find that the gap is nearly entirely due to the choices women make in their personal lives. Mark J. Perry, an American Enterprise Scholar, made an incredibly handy chart comparing women’s earnings to men:"

"Single women with no children earned 96.1 percent of what men with similar characteristics earned — and that doesn’t even begin to factor in career and education choices"

The wage disparity is A LIE. If you believe the lie you are a HERD ANIMAL who DESERVES to be making less money.

Leftist elite surely know this is a lie. But they push it anyway. Their shit ideology requires lies and division. But trust them. After they lie their way to power surely they have our best interests at heart.
9th-Dec-2014 11:57 pm - The Case for Rage and Retribution
From Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001

Let all Americans who forget be at ground zero next time.

The Case for Rage and Retribution
Lena Dunham's rape story was complete fabrication. Which is a perfect segue into the link that follows.

"After a month-long investigation that included more than a dozen interviews, a trip to the Oberlin campus, and hours spent poring through the Oberlin College archives, her description of the campus remains the only detail Breitbart News was able to verify in Dunham's story of being raped by a campus Republican named Barry."

"We were referred to Sophie Hess, who identifies herself as WOBC's station manager. After a short round of phone tag, Ms. Hess and I caught up one evening."

"With the understanding that I would be supervised, I volunteered to do the work of going through the records myself and offered to shift my schedule in any way that was convenient. She replied that she would be happy to do this work and then inquired into the specific details of the story we were working on."
Memory Hole approaching.

"'Asking whether or not a victim is telling the truth is irrelevant,' Ms. Hess proclaimed. 'It's just not important if they are telling the truth. If this person had wanted criminal justice they would have pursued it.'"

Whether a rape accusation is true or no doesn't matter to them. How can that possibly allow rule of law? How can any rational mind decide it doesn't matter if an accusation of RAPE is true?

"And what's unforgivable is that, through an incomprehensible malice or a combination of breathtaking carelessness and a number of unthinkable coincidences, in the courtroom of public opinion, Lena Dunham is pointing her powerful finger at this man and screaming 'rapist.'
After Kevin Williamson's National Review story published, in which Barry One is portrayed as a stressed and worried family man being hounded by the press and terrified his full name will be published, Dunham responded directly to Williamson's piece but said nothing about the innocence of the man she placed under this national microscope."
And they. don't. care.
INVESTIGATION: Lena Dunham ‘Raped by a Republican’ Story in Bestseller Collapses Under Scrutiny

And now we have the same mindset. Rape accusations should always be believed.
No matter what Jackie said, we should generally believe rape claims
"Many people (not least U-Va. administrators) will be tempted to see this as a reminder that officials, reporters and the general public should hear both sides of the story and collect all the evidence before coming to a conclusion in rape cases. This is what we mean in America when we say someone is 'innocent until proven guilty.' After all, look what happened to the Duke lacrosse players.
In important ways, this is wrong. "

"This is not a legal argument about what standards we should use in the courts; it’s a moral one, about what happens outside the legal system."
Oh. Well that makes perfect sense? Two problems.
First - The moral view outside the legal system eventually becomes the legal system. In addition, doubtless she knows this.
Second - She's STILL arguing that it is moral to assume the guilt of the accused, which is the opposite of moral.

"The accused would have a rough period. He might be suspended from his job; friends might defriend him on Facebook."
This is the feminist view of what happens to an accused rapist. This is detached from reality or deceitful she must be to push this argument.

"The cost of disbelieving women, on the other hand, is far steeper. It signals that that women don’t matter and that they are disposable"
GIANT straw man.
Adhering to "innocent until prove guilty" does NOT equal disbelieving women. But in her fanatical mind it does.
And how on earth does the same standard for all crime applying to an accusation of rape mean women are disposable? It doesn't. But framed this way who will have the courage to call bullshit?

'“Rape culture,” as it is often called, is real. "
Oh. Well. Glad that's settled then.
She then goes on to cite a bunch of BS, debunked, and or dubious statistic to back her arguments. What rational person would bother at this point?

Don't look to what the leftist says. It's a lie for agenda. Look to what the leftist wants. In this case she wants to create a system where all accusers are assumed guilty, then to cite stats based on that to paint all men as rapists, and from there to subjugate that which she hates - the opposite sex.

Even if you don't care about men, care about the fact this hysteria and misandry will make fewer people believe rape accusations. If you care about the victims a person like this twisted soul isn't your ally.

"Someone is out here raping 1 in 5 American women and yes, it could be someone that you know and love."
Genuine evil. Don't humor it.
In this link a Congresswoman using the Ferguson incident explains she doesn't actually know anything about the Ferguson case, and doesn't care, because what matters is her agenda.

Watch the liberals go nuts when the simple truth of Ferguson is brought up. It has to be seen to be believed. Rich Lowry offers the simple truth and the leftists act like he defecated on the desk. Note how they immediately rush back on message. Again, the facts don't matter.

From CNN - If you're white and don't realize you're racist you are broken:
As leftists gain more power I expect those who can't be "fixed" will eventually require a "final solution".

NYU Launches Group to Help ‘White Administrators’ Realize They’re Biased
"'In light of the recent Ferguson decision, I think it’s even more imperative for white administrators to understand their own power and privilege and how they can use that privilege to be good allies to people of color and to effect positive change,'"
You see, you must not only recognize you are privileged and racism because of the racist system, but you are also failing if you aren't constantly giving them free stuff because of race.

And finally for something truly distressing. The following is an exchange with someone who identifies himself as conservative. If this is conservatism now, we're doomed. It is impossible to tell this racist double think and evasion from a leftist.

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5th-Dec-2014 12:27 pm - More on Garner
"SHUT UP! I SAW THE VIDEO! THAT MAKES ME AN EXPERT! THERE IS NOTHING MORE I NEED TO KNOW!" <- Almost everyone, which is what makes video dangerous. It creates millions of eyewitnesses, notoriously unreliable, convinced they are experts.

Guess what?
"The arrest of Eric Garner, which subsequently lead to his death, was supervised by a black, female police sergeant. "
Well looky there! Raci... WHOOPS!

Gee, it's almost as if there is more to it than just the video. I wonder if the grand jury considered this fact, as all the "experts" couldn't.

Ask yourself how many "journalists" who reported on this and politicians who discussed it knew this and chose not to offer this before it exploded. Every one of them is guilty.


Now here is a question few if any will dare ask or even consider:
What are the chances the Sergeant is an affirmative action promotion, entirely unqualified for the position, and THAT'S why Garner died? We'll never know. PC kills. But we don't get to talk about that.
4th-Dec-2014 01:52 am - Garner and the choke hold
May as well put this here since I went to the trouble to look it up.

Not that anyone *using* this opportunity to rage against the machine is going to care but...
It was a head lock not a choke hold. Read about that here if you'd like.

But don't take his word for it. The next links has stills. Look at the first set of picks, 1 & 2. I know when I choke hold I like to put one arm around the neck and the other under the giant hippo's massive hamhock arms. Sure, I could... I dunno...  wrap the other arm around the neck... but some of us are so good we don't need to bother. Then when I have them on the ground I'm so good I prop myself on one arm and "choke hold" one handed. Lesser skilled people need leverage from that arm. Not those who know. 

This link I included for the common quote on what the ME said. I'd like to see that report. This is the quote. "“compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police,”" I don't know if a 'journalist' editorialized there or if the ME added "(chokehold)". That seems an odd thing for an ME to add.

Anyway, compression of neck, compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police = giant fatass who chose to resist arrest, bringing risks inherent with it. Twinkies and bad choices killed this guy. I'd prefer those choosing to rage against the machine pick martyrs who aren't criminals and doing stupid things. But that's me.
"This assertion from Scarborough seems to have frustrated some of his fellows in the press. 'To those who say #HandsUpDontShoot perpetuates a lie, 16 witnesses say #MichaelBrown had his hands up at some point,' tweeted CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Wednesday. 'Only 2 say he didn’t.'
The origins of this oversimplification of the evidence presented to the grand jury might have been a popular chart published by PBS’s News Hour (a higher resolution version of which can be found here):"

"This context changes matters rather significantly, and it is nothing short of a lie to suggest that all these witnesses agree that Brown was capitulating at the time of his death (though I do not believe this was Cuomo’s contention).
The Washington Post’s Paul Cassell noted the problems associated with PBS’s chart, some of which that news outlet even conceded.
'PBS acknowledged that its chart 'doesn’t reveal who was right or wrong about what happened that day, but it is a clear indication that perceptions and memories can vary dramatically.' This concession is required, because a fair assessment (such as the grand jury was tasked with making) involves not simply toting up the number of witnesses on competing sides, but determining the quality of their accounts. The grand jury observed the demeanor of all of the witnesses and, perhaps even more important, had other evidence (including physical evidence) to sort out which witnesses were giving credible testimony.
An incredibly thorough visual representation of the myriad ways in which this PBS chart misleads its readers can be found here." (Click the link to get there)

3rd-Dec-2014 11:33 pm - Jim Crow 2.0
Wow. You know Yvette Nicole Brown from Community and The Talking Dead? Plump black woman? Super sweet? Takes notes for every Talking Dead episode?
I used to really like her. Emphasis mine:

Read more...Collapse )

I may not approach a person of a skin color.
I may not speak on the thoughts of a person who is of a skin color.
If I object to this, the problem is with me.

It seems to me we once had rules in government just like these. For my entire life everyone has been telling me they were wrong. They are social laws now, and we get closer to having them in place again.
"After Mckean's video ends, the conversation continues"

"The caller told 911 that he and his employees believed they were going to be robbed, so a deputy responded. The caller said he had walked by the business five or six times and had looked inside with his hands in his pockets."
This appears to substantiate there was a 911 call, a matter of public record.

"that business has been robbed twice while employees have been robbed five times."
WOW! Context makes a big difference.

Quoting the 'victim', the guy who posted the video : ""I feel like the officer was being really respectable he didn't try to invade any of my rights...I commend him for that'"

"is convinced he was viewed with suspicion because he's black."
Right. Because Democrats and too many libertarians enable that stupidity. Even if he was suspected because he's black, it was the store employees who did the suspecting. Has anyone asked what color the perpetrators were during the SEVEN robberies? Maybe that's a factor.

Sheriff Bouchard - "'To post something on the internet **without ever calling us** without ever talking to us **without ever asking for an explanation** only fans the flames in the situation and it doesn't help."'

100% correct. How many people will see this, take it at face value, and further smear police? Robby Soave and Reason did.

An important read. This is all something to remember throughout the next year, and in 2016.

"And if they do this, if they agree to a full omnibus budget on the Democrats' terms, obviously, the Democrats still run the Senate right now, so if they do a budget deal right now with the Democrats still running the show, it's gonna be a Democrat budget all the way through next September. The Republicans have just thrown away one of the two years they're guaranteed to have power. Does any of that make any sense to you?"

"Fox News, inside the Beltway, oh my, the Republicans might shut down the government. Do you realize what Chuck Todd's gonna say? Oh, do you realize what the New York Times editorial -- oh, my God, the Washington Post is gonna say about it, oh, geez, be worse than the school lunch lies, oh, gee. Don't shut down the government. Oh, my. It's better if the Democrats get everything they want. That's much better than us getting flack for shutting down the government.
But, remember, that meany, selfish, power mad egomaniac Ted Cruz is probably working with Sarah Palin behind the scenes, shut down the government last December, yeah. And the Republicans won in a landslide like 10 months later. Go figure."

Who argues what many Fox pundits and the GOP.establishment are who isn't complicit in the corruption or a fool?

"RUSH: By the way, there's another advantage to doing budgets by continuing resolution. A lot of people don't know this. I'm sure many of you in this audience do. But continuing resolutions prevent spending cuts. A continuing resolution is all about resolving to continue the spending to keep the government operating. Continuing resolutions mean that every department is automatically given the same amount of money as the year before, plus inflation along with the baseline increases that are built in. "

"And of course the Republicans, we're not gonna impeach, we're not gonna do that, and we're not gonna do a government shutdown. Why should they act like they lost? Why should the Democrats act like they lost the election?"

"RUSH: Okay. So Last night Gloria Borger points out: Hey, Republicans shut down the government last December, and they picked up like 12 seats in the House and they won control of the Senate. Wow, that government shutdown really hurt 'em. "

"But you're witnessing what fear and paranoia can do to people. Fear, paranoia, posttraumatic stress disorder all in combined impact on Republicans inside the Beltway."

I disagree. Corruption. Or cowardice. The same as most of the last 60 years of losing. McConnell did more to fight a conservative opponent in the primaries than he's ever done to fight a Democrat.

They are not the lesser of two evils. They are the same evil.

Watch this unfold. If the 2016 GOP candidate is approved by Boehner and McConnell, just vote Democrat.

Fox News to GOP: Don't Shut It Down!
If only the cowardly, fossil GOP would learn to communicate like this.

"Every other riot I've ever heard of was touched off by some spontaneous event that exploded into mob violence long before any media trucks arrived. This time, the networks gave us a countdown to the riot, as if it were a Super Bowl kickoff. "

"Only liberals look at blacks looting and say, See what white Americans made them do?
That's their proof of injustice -- look at how blacks are reacting![...]
The looters aren't the community!
The community doesn't want black thugs robbing stores and sauntering down the middle of its streets. The community doesn't want to be assaulted by Big Mike. The community didn't want its stores burned down.
That community testified in support of Officer Darren Wilson."

Consider this most of all, something all of the media ignores:
"I always want to know more about the heroic black witnesses. They are put in a position no white person will ever be in and do the right thing by telling the truth -- then go into hiding from 'the community' being championed by goo-goo liberals."
Imagine the courage it took the grand jury witnesses, who have to go back home with no protection and risk facing every communist, anarchist, criminal and racist who've been instigated by this White House and their complicit 5th column media, who manufactured this event to distract the country from Obama's unlawful amnesty. That is some incredible courage and integrity.

Chris Rock went from Bring the Pain:
""There's like a civil war goin' on with black people, and there's two sides. There's black people, and there's niggas. And niggas have got to go. [...] I love black people, but I hate niggas, boy. Oh, I hate niggas. Boy, I wish they'd let me join the Klu Klux Klan [sic]. Shit, I'd do a drive-by from here to Brooklyn.""

"It's not 'the media' that's giving black folks a bad name. When I go to the ATM I ain't looking over my shoulder for 'the media', I'm looking for the niggas!"


"'Q:It’s about white people adjusting to a new reality?'
Owning their actions. Not even their actions. The actions of your dad. Yeah, it’s unfair that you can get judged by something you didn’t do, but it’s also unfair that you can inherit money that you didn’t work for."

This is what Hollywood did to him.

From 'I hate niggers' to whites are all guilty, can do nothing about it, and owe reparations. And it's going to get worse. This is precisely what the National Socialists did. Bleat all you want in protest. It is a fact.

Chris Rock: 'Unfair' For White People To Inherit Money They Didn’t Work For

For those who would like it, a little reminder on the reparations issue, Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks - and Racist Too
To me, you come. Reveal the truth, I will.

I have seen countless articles now about the "brave" stand of BlackStormtrooper telling people to "get over it". How brave! How thoughtful!

When I first saw the trailer for SW VII my thoughts were...
Black stormtrooper - Good marketing. "Hey black people, this movie is for you, too" (I mean, he's obviously escaping and in distress, not an actual bad guy.)
Female on dumb looking land speeder - Good marketing. "Hey girls, this movie is for you, too." Plus new toy.
Abrams knows the fan boy geeks are already camping out for tickets like good little low expectation having herd animals.
After that; pretty cool, pretty cool, that light saber is Lucasian stupid and a new toy (I've since come around on the light saber thanks to a friend providing an insight), meh.
Those were my thoughts.


I've since come to realize Abrams' (and Disney's) marketing was much smarter than I first thought. As a brief digression I should point out that in my opinion the main talent possessed by JJ Abrams is marketing. Not planning good stories. Certainly not good follow through. (The same has applied to Disney for decades)
Read more...Collapse )

And now to the genius of BlackStormtrooper opening.
Fans (being of stunningly poor taste and low expectations) of eps I-III know that stormtroopers were a clone army, all cloned from one [EDIT: I thought the actor Latino. Apparently he's Maori from New Zealand.] Fans of eps I-III (and so leaning toward the more shallow, juvenile end of the fan spectrum) are less likely to be true fans (or have an understanding of) eps IV-VI to realize things had changed over time and recruits were no longer clones. Those Star Wars fans are likely to see a black stormtrooper and object, arguing that everybody knows they were all clones from one guy. When that objection takes place, the legion of useful idiot leftists will see only two things - black & object. Then the actor can speak out, bravely defiant of the "racism" (which is actually just ignorance of the universe). From there we have a new manufactured controversy. Worst case, a great deal of buzz. Best case, a lengthy discussion that leads to the Obama Effect -> anyone who doesn't support the new Star Wars film must be a racist.

People will read this and say I'm a nutty conspiracy theorist. Even the smartest among us don't like uncomfortable truths.
30th-Nov-2014 12:20 pm - CNN's support of rioting
That night I WATCHED Jake Tapper order off correspondents from their locations due to personal danger. One was struck in the head with a rock.

Though this is well said, I wish people would be reminded, and remember, that Van Jones has NEVER renounced preaching *communism* and *revolution* from his former days. " "I'm willing to forego the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends.""
Jones *IS* the looter and arsonist. He just found he can do more damage this way. And all of the people around him *know* this. Keep that in mind.

CNN is lying when they say Ferguson protests were ‘peaceful’
"It has been remarkable to watch the last few days as America’s self-styled “most trusted news network” has sent out teams of reporters to various areas of Ferguson, Mo., ostensibly to cover the protests there. While their cameramen are watching cars on fire and stores being looted, the reporters ramble on about how “most people here” are “peaceful protesters.”"
"$1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees. BLM long ago revoked Bundy's grazing rights on that land after citing concern for a federally protected tortoise. "
“They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,' Reid said, according to the paper. 'I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.'”

In the name of 'grazing fees' and a tortoise (that cattle don't bother) a small army of well armed and helmeted men descended upon Bundy. The federal government set up "free speech zones", letting citizens know where they were *permitted to* speak their protest against federal intervention.

Citizen concerned over these several outrages by the federal government arrived, legally armed.
Total shots fired: 0
Total number of innocent bystanders threatened or harmed: 0
Total $ in property damage: 0
A US Senator called them domestic terrorists.

And keep in mind, this is a dispute with the FEDERAL government. As opposed to LOCAL and STATE government. Comparing them rarely makes sense. I don't know how to dumb that down enough for some people to understand.

"As The Post’s Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein reported last year, Sharpton “owe[d] the IRS $2.6 million in income tax, and nearly $900,000 in state tax.”
And his personal pride and joy National Action Network owed more than $880,000 in unpaid federal payroll taxes, interest and penalties, Vincent and Klein found."
"In the years since, the IRS has issued a dozen liens against Sharpton’s groups, including one against him for $538,652 in 2010."


Sharpton owes local, state, and FEDERAL government millions of dollars, and has for years. The amounts dwarf the arbitrary 'grazing fees' placed on Bundy.

Sharpton incites riots that cause the people of Ferguson to suffer.

Sharpton not only does not have a small army of federal law enforcement descend upon him to collect or to punish him, but they wouldn't need to look for him, as he's a frequent guest at Obama's White House.

Apparently black people who cause harm to other black people and don't pay their taxes are to be celebrated and protected.

Total shots fired in Ferguson: No one counted but many were witnessed among the riots.
Total number of black innocent bystanders threatened or harmed: I haven't looked up hospital and police reports, but it is doubtless numerous. I watched a non-white female journalist on CNN get hit in the head by a rock.
Total $ in property damage: At least 20 businesses (several black owned) burned to the ground. Damage has to be in the hundreds of millions by now.

The praise for and defense of the rioters by Democrats has been open and public. That would make sense given that Democrats knew (through racist Eric Holder's DOJ suypervision) what was happening in the grand jury investigation, and encouraged the discord and rioting anyway.
Professor Marc Lamont Hill summed it up beautifully with, "This is what democracy looks like." Democracy looks like burning down black owned businesses because a criminal attacked a cop and was killed. Witness the Democrat Party in all its glory.

Any comparison between the Bundy incident and Ferguson just reflects poorly on the person making the comparison, for so many obvious reasons. Unfortunately, Democrats do. not. care about the truth or how they look. All they care about is popularity of opinion and/or pushing the ideology. If either is successful they will mindlessly parrot no matter how many blacks get hurt.
24th-Nov-2014 11:47 am - Commentary on Frozen - why it matters
Last night I again posted my loathing for the movie Frozen and was questioned about why it matters to me.

One comment I received was so exceptional I want to share it here, and archive it for use when the topic comes up again. I could never have put it this well.
“Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”
- Vladimir Ilich Lenin

That. That is why Disney's agenda and propaganda matters. All theater is based in some truth. All history is told from the point of view of the winner/survivor. All songs that outlive their composers contain something within them that speaks to human beings on a deeper level. Stories, legends, myths... they are powerful beyond our understanding, affecting the trajectory of entire civilizations. That's why they matter.

The human race is constantly one generation away from rack and ruin. Freedom and civility are tenuous at best, doomed at worst. Stories like Elsa's encourage the kinds of qualities that accelerate our decline into chaos, pain, and suffering. It is not the story of a hero/heroine - someone who defies the odds, denies themselves immediate gratification in exchange for long-term benefit, helps others before they help themselves, sacrifices greatly with no guarantee of a return... No, Elsa's story is, at its core and on its face, that of an impetuous, spoiled girl who risks the lives of others and learns nothing from it. And it's ubiquitous.

Which should matter, to anyone who cares what kind of world will remain long after you and I are dust and ashes.
21st-Nov-2014 10:48 pm - Conspiracy theory!
Just a reminder of my conspiracy theory from a few years back as the clock ticks down...
Empty Suit in Chief photo gm080829yd5.jpg

Obviously, I hope I'm wrong. If I'm right things are far worse than I imagine.

What do you do with an empty suit that no longer serves a purpose?

You discard it.
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Salt in the wound - A fee to go into Mexico? Pilot program underway

Jay Carney Makes Big Admission About Obama "Former White House press secretary Jay Carney said President Barack Obama is “literally” doing the opposite of what he once said he couldn’t with his executive action to halt deportations of some 5 million illegal immigrants."

Think even those who register and are employed will pay taxes? NO. American taxpayers will pay them.
Obama's deceitful claim illegals will 'pay their fair share'
"Not only will they not pay income taxes, many are likely to get a check from the IRS, thanks to the Orwellian-named Earned Income Tax Credit, which send a gift from taxpayers to low income families."

THIS! THIS is how you do it! (which is why the Republican establishment pushed him out)
Newt Gingrich Blasts Obama’s Speech: ‘This Was a Gruber Speech’
Smart! Keep pushing Gruber and the Obamacare fraud. Destroy Democrat talking points. I watch Newt and remember why Republicans hate him - envy. Watch the video.

Also excellent. Pat Buchanan
Caesar Obama -Pat Buchanan: Amnesty will make U.S. the Third World country of BHO's dreams "Where did Obama get his 4-5 million figure, not 2-4 million, or 5-7 million? Nowhere in law, but plucked out of his own mind, as to what he can get away with. Barack Obama just felt it was about right.
Thus does our constitutional law professor-president “faithfully execute” the laws of the United States he has twice swore to uphold?"

"The political, psychological and moral effects of Obama’s action will be dramatic. Sheriffs, border patrol and immigration authorities, who have put their lives on the line to secure our broken borders, have been made to look like fools. Resentment and cynicism over Obama’s action will be deeply corrosive to all law enforcement.
Businessmen who obeyed the law and refused to hire illegals, hiring Americans and legal immigrants instead, and following U.S. and state law on taxes, wages and withholding, also look like fools today."

No More Promises on Immigration
"Again and again, Republican leaders in recent weeks have urged Obama not to issue his order because (in one of many similar iterations) it will “ruin the chances for congressional action on this issue.” The implied promise — one that Speaker John Boehner would obviously like to fulfill — was that if Obama held off, Congress would indeed find a way to pass “comprehensive” immigration reform of its own.
But that gives away the game, on multiple fronts."

2016 Republicans Differ Over Criticism Of Obama’s Unilateral Action And it's VERY telling. Two make it clear they are progressives.

Dear Mr. Obama, It Must Be Good to Be King
"Incredibly, even after all of the scandals, corruption, lies, and deceits; even after this past week when we learned about the depth of your Obamacare deception; even after using the IRS to target your political opponents; even after letting your ambassador die in Benghazi and lying about it afterwards; even after dividing the nation and exploiting racial tensions for your own gain; even after six years of incompetence, dishonesty, conspiracy, and illegality; even after every law you’ve flouted, promise you’ve broken, and lie you’ve told, you still found a way to top yourself. In refusing to enforce our borders and uphold our immigration laws, you are now guilty of the most profound presidential power grab since Abraham Lincoln. This is a landmark moment, and I’m sure you’re proud of that fact. "
"Without it, there is no law, there is no liberty, and we fall head first into anarchy, monarchy, oligarchy, or some other -archy.
But you know this. It’s the whole point, isn’t it, Your Holiness?

That’s what your followers don’t seem to understand, maybe because they’re too stupid — as your friend Gruber theorized — or maybe because they’re just naive. Either way, they think this amnesty plan is about being ‘compassionate’ towards illegal aliens. It’s kind of cute, really."
Why should you care? Because this 'logic' is rampant, and these people are gaining power.

I am FIRMLY team
Team Dickwolves photo dickwolves-shirt_zpsf6ee7a39.jpg

I'll save you the time of suffering through this infuriating article written by some fascist, Orwellian, femininazi loon and just offer the story highlights, the real money quotes, and my thoughts.

"In 2010, Penny Arcade posted a comic strip that involved a character describing being 'raped to sleep by dickwolves.' The rape joke wasn’t the point of the strip — it was an illustration of the screwed-up ethics implied by the quests in videogames like World of Warcraft, where after a player has rescued, say, five hostages or slaves, there’s no real impetus (and sometimes no mechanic) to save any of the others."

Supposed rape victims and other oversensitive causeheads and their useful idiot supporters complained.

Read more...Collapse )

Witness, arguments from intellectual or emotional children, all too common in our society, and it's getting worse. Bask in the catch phrases.
**[A SHIRT]** "made many potential attendees feel uncomfortable and unsafe."
"a situation where **inclusion** mattered more than proving that they had the power to do whatever they wanted."
"merchandise he had created as **a 'screw you' to rape survivors** who had had the temerity to complain about a comic strip."
"I could get over the original comic if they’d just moved on or apologized, but they had to **make merchandise out of rape** just to poke back at people"
"despite **not feeling safe** or comfortable at PAX,"
"“The **unexamined privilege** in [Mike's] viewpoint is sort of breathtaking — the fact that **a straight white male**"
"Krahulik has every legal right to be **shitty to rape survivors** and **trans*people"**
" It’s about understanding **power differentials** and the difference between criticism and **bullying"**
**"It’s about caring** more about not harming other people than about whether their subsequent upset inconveniences you."

This garbage will come to a con or the real world near you if it hasn't already. It'll be called Hollaback, or it'll be their allies the gaystapo, or some other name for the same leftist control freak trash seeking to bully and silence while calling others bullies.

I'd never heard of most of this before tonight. I only knew the Penny Arcade name. Now I'm a fan.

This was truly excellent. What he says here is very important to consider.

"In a lot of ways, this spectacle represents not just everything’s that’s wrong with the Obama administration, it’s everything wrong with liberalism and a lot that’s wrong with America itself.
You’ve got this guy who is pretending to be an objective independent analyst, who’s got huge amounts of skin in the game [...] being touted around through a transmission belt of liberal journalists, who all are all pretending to be objective analysts too, quoting each other, reaffirming each other"

We *know* fraud took place with Obamacare, then the liberals used each other to pretend credibility... they formed an unquestionable "consensus", if you will, to push a fraud. Can anyone think of any other topic where this goes on?

"It’s not just that’s he’s getting rich, it’s the hypocrisy that every time Republicans complain about ObamaCare, they say 'Oh, it’s just because those evil, profit-hungry Koch brothers are trying to get rich,' which was always a lie. It’s also that this law itself makes American life more complex and then there’s this leaching new class of people who profit from the complexity that they are imposing upon the society."

Jonah Goldberg on FNC: ‘Transmission Belt of Liberal Journalists’ Reaffirmed Gruber’s Mendacity

So much said about Democrats with so little.
Republican establishment and media lies.

Ted Cruz Wins: The Shutdown Worked
"It was September 30, 2013, and they thought they had the GOP right where they wanted it as Texas Senator Ted Cruz plowed ahead with the idea of defunding Obamacare — an action that caused Democrats to promptly shut down the government — and blame not just Cruz but the Republican Party. The whole event was giving prominent Republicans in and out of office the political willies. "

"let’s go back a year and see just who was totally convinced Ted Cruz was leading the GOP to disaster. You can find it here but I will note some of the names in this space.
First? The headline that was used. This priceless headline:
49 Republicans Who Say Shutting Down The Government Over Obamacare Is A Big Mistake.
Got that? A BIG mistake. "

"There’s more, of course. But — with no offense to any of those quoted — they all got it wrong. Not just wrong, but Big Time Wrong. A week ago the Republican Party — barely a year away from the government shut down these folks were bewailing in various terms as bad strategy that 'will lose more' for Republicans than Democrats — won a blowout election.
Again, the Republicans increased the House GOP majority, as of this writing, to 244 seats, the biggest advantage since the Truman administration. (Note to those who came in late: Harry Truman left office in January of 1953 — 61 years ago.) The GOP recaptured the Senate, with a majority ranging from 52 to 54 seats depending on undecided results. They gained governors in the bluest of blue states of Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois. And on went the red tide, washing over state legislatures as well."

The shutdown did NOT hurt Republicans. At all. The only harm came from the feckless GOP establishment who attacked the actual conservatives who fought. Even with the GOP.e enabling the Democrats, the GOP still won the next election.

The Republican establishment Big Lie that the shutdown hurt the party should not be tolerated. Note who argues it. I guarantee you they support McCain, Romney, McConnell, Boehner and every other perpetual loser of the party.
18th-Nov-2014 12:58 am - Obama and immigration
Understand, Obama does not want an immigration solution.
Immigration dispute erupts at White House lunch
"Friday's two-hour meeting was tense at times, according to a senior House Republican aide. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, about to lose his grip on the upper chamber, barely said a word, the aide said. The aide said at one point as House Speaker John Boehner was making an argument on immigration, Obama responded that his patience was running out and Vice President Joe Biden interrupted to ask how long Republicans needed. Obama angrily cut Biden off, the aide said."
If we had a useful media (or if Obama was a Republican), the media would be asking for confirmation or denial of this. If the media we have doesn't care, it likely happened. And that means Obama does. not. want. a solution. He wants obedience or he will by his own admission below break the law and violate the Constitution.

Video montage of OBAMA saying his planned executive order is unlawful and unconstitutional
You could impeach him with just this if he does it. It's his own damn testimony!

This is not Democracy. This is not a representative Republic. This is Tyranny.

With all of that in mind...
SHOCK FLASHBACK: Obama Says Illegal Immigration HURTS ‘Blue-Collar Americans,’ STRAINS Welfare [VIDEO]
Obama's words: "'If this huge influx of mostly low-skill workers provides some benefits to the economy as a whole—especially by keeping our workforce young, in contrast to an increasingly geriatric Europe and Japan—it also threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.'"

Remember, this is the party that made minimum wage one of their biggest causes for the election.
He knows this will depress wages, hurting the middle class and poor. He knows this will further expand welfare when it's an an all time high, hurting poor Americans. We know that, because it's in his own god damned book! He doesn't care.

He's admitted it's illegal. He knows it hurts Americans. I have no respect for anyone who still supports this vermin or votes Democrat. There is no excuse.
17th-Nov-2014 11:45 pm - Democracy vs Republic
H/T prader

For the endless times liberals need to be educated on this. (Not that they read anything not pre approved by their masters)

Democracy vs Republic
Democrats have suddenly never heard of the guy. He was no big part of Obamacare. Etc. The problem for Democrats is that the internet exists.

From ultra left FireDogLake January 13, 2010
How the White House Used Jonathan Gruber’s Work to Orchestrate the Appearance of Broad Consensus
"Up until this point, most of the attention regarding the failure to disclose the connection between Jonathan Gruber and the White House has fallen on Gruber himself. Far more troubling, however, is the lack of disclosure on the part of the White House, the Senate, the DNC and other Democratic leaders who distributed Gruber’s work and cited it as independent validation of their proposals, orchestrating the appearance of broad consensus when in fact it was all part of the same effort.
The White House is placing a giant collective bet on Gruber’s 'assumptions' to justify key portions of the Senate bill, which they allowed people to believe was independent verification. Now that we know that Gruber’s work was not that of an independent analyst but rather work performed as a contractor to the White House and paid for by taxpayers, it should be made publicly available so others can judge its merits."

So the fraud of Obamacare was actually layer upon layer of fraud.
The Obama administration and Democrats paid millions in taxpayer money to Gruber to design it, then hid it, then to play independent cheerleader for it.

Obama says he's never heard of Gruber and Gruber had nothing to do with the legislation. Except, here's video from as far back as 06, where Barry mentions Gruber by name. American Commitment - #GruberGate Goes On (Scroll down to bottom)

Obama: Gruber who? "Longtime fans of Obama scandals are quite familiar with this approach by the president. He didn't know anything about the scandal until he heard press reports; the person at the center of the scandal never worked for him; and besides, whatever the problem, it's not his policy."
"And his denials about Gruber are extraordinary:
Unfortunately for Barack Obama – White House records show that Gruber met with Obama in the Oval Office to formulate the Cadillac Tax scheme. Gruber said this in a Frontline interview and White House records show the meeting took place."

John Kerry Called Gruber ‘Our Guide On A Lot Of This’ [VIDEO] "The Daily Caller dug and found video from 2009 showing one prominent Democrat ascribing a different job title to the embattled professor."

Harry Reid Praised Gruber On The Senate Floor [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t know who Jonathan Gruber is. She touted his work in 2009.

This video is Gruber versus Gruber, lying for Obamacare for the admin. American Commitment - Gruber Tapes Expose the Truth about Obamacare

Here's what our honest media looks like...
Politico Propaganda photo Politico_zps259bb0b2.jpg
Memory hole. "We have always been at war with Eastasia." If the media weren't openly supporting Democrats the party would be destroyed for a decade.
Th article is on Doctor Who and the gay/PC agenda in it. I forget why I looked this up in the first place, but it's too good not to share.

Wrap your brain around this...

"The 'Gay agenda'
Oh ho ho. This one is a tricky one. Indeed, it’s an entirely invented criticism that several of Russell’s critics tossed around before it was picked up by certain corners of the fanbase. Certain dark corners of the fanbase"

Okay now. Brace yourself...
"But is this all part of a gay agenda? No. Not really. [...] [...ready?...] As Doctor Who is primarily a children’s show, having gay characters be accepted within the show and showcased as being no different from anyone else can only be beneficial long term. It can help children and teenagers [...] Russell was perfectly right in introducing gay characters and he was very clever to do so in the way he did."

See? It's all so simple. There is no gay agenda, just a lot of gay and a lot of agenda, and you are stupid and ridiculous, and dark, for seeing a gay agenda among the gay and the agenda.

Russell T. Davies: Unfairly Criticised?
16th-Nov-2014 08:36 pm - The true face of feminism
Hollaback, gaystapo, all the same groups with the same heart underneath the cover.

Samantha Allen explains why she hates men
"The following completely unedited post was written by Samantha Allen on Tumblr. It has since been deleted from Tumblr after it was uncovered by people on Reddit and numerous other sites. It is archived here and here and has been noted on other sources online. We wanted to make sure as many people as possible know her hateful, bigoted views, especially readers of The Daily Beast, The Daily Dot, Salon, Huffington Post, The Advocate, Mic, Kinsey Confidential, Jacobin, and Adult Magazine–all of whom she has written for"

"i’m a misandrist. that means i hate men. i’m not a cute misandrist. i don’t have a fridge magnet that says, 'boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.' my loathing cannot be contained by a fridge magnet.
i am not an equality feminist. i don’t believe that an asymmetrical world will be cured by polite obsequence to male-dominated systems. i am not a liberal humanist. i don’t believe that i need to stand up for men when they’ve been standing on top of everyone else."

"my life is getting shorter by the day and i want to fill it with women. in this sinking ship of a world, i just want to enjoy a tiny little space, a room, if you will, of my own. i want that room to be full of women and free from ego, hierarchy, sexual advances, and violence."
(Apparently this woman has never actually been around women)

"i am friends with some men, yes. usually these are men who have some experience of marginalization (whether via their race, class, gender identity, sexual identity, what have you) or who have gone through the self-interrogation and relational deprogramming necessary "
The only men who have value to her are minorities, gays, and the obedient. That's rational.

And now I'll requote, "The Daily Beast, The Daily Dot, Salon, Huffington Post, The Advocate, Mic, Kinsey Confidential, Jacobin, and Adult Magazine–all of whom she has written for"
Would a white male get such a voice? Of course not. But hey, sometimes men say things to women on the street. Priorities.
The Great October: A Revolution Financed By an Enemy Government

"In The World Crisis, Volume 5, Winston Churchill writes this about war-time Germany in 1917:
'They turned upon Russia the most grisly of all weapons. They transported Lenin in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus from Switzerland into Russia.'
The rest is history: Lenin staged a coup and withdrew Russia from World War One, conceding large swaths of land to Germany. In the process, he consolidated his power, initiated the policy of Red Terror, brutally exterminated all opposition, and founded the world’s first totalitarian socialist state."

"The truth was unearthed only in the late 1980s, with the opening of Soviet archives to the public. The newly declassified documents revealed the dates, the banks, and the substantial amounts of money provided to the communists by Kaiser’s Germany, which financed Lenin’s subversive, seditious activities. According to historian Albert L. Weeks, the German authorities cynically referred to Lenin as a “bacillus” who would “infect” Russia and thus incapacitate a major military adversary."

Infected the world.

"The irrefutable evidence that Lenin and his party conspired with and received funding from an enemy government sheds an unforgiving light on the seditious and treasonous character, methods, and motivations of all international communist and socialist movements, the Communist Party USA, and every communist party around the world, who continue to operate by Lenin’s methods and who still hold him as a major inspiration.
In the court of law, a verdict based on false or tainted evidence is usually overturned. We have to wonder if in the court of history, the verdict regarding the celebrated “people’s revolution” paid for by an imperial intelligence service will also be altered – and if our history books will be corrected accordingly."
Quite good.

Apologies to whomever I got this from for failing to give credit.

How We Got Here - Making sense of the Middle East landscape
16th-Nov-2014 01:41 am - Umbrella, apologies, dads, stuff....
Several quality links....
OK yes, I'm ridiculous because I love this song. I'm okay with that. Because I do.

Put the music aside for a minute and just look at the lyrics. Truly beautiful, and fitting so many relationships.

I loved the song in the first place, but then it was in an excellent episode of criminal minds that stuck with me, an episode that would make any father of a daughter proud. It's only a few seconds, but if you're a dad, it'll change you.

One thing that makes me happy is that the clown Rhianna had nothing to do with the lyrics:

Of course I DESPISE Rhianna, and she gets to own that great song. Why do I despise her? A couple of reasons. Andy Levy can handle one of them... THIS is how "apologies" should be handled....

But it's not just that. Every version I tried to look up of Umbrella was so urbanized with crap it wasn't worth listening to. So then I went looking for some other versions. That led me to these, truly lovely.

Here is a French ***TEEN*** in someone's APARTMENT, and it's better than Rhianna.

And here is someone else doing it acoustic with a guitar (BETTER THAN RHIANNA)

What incredible lyrics if you think on them. Such a shame they were handed to punching bag rapper friendly Rhianna.
But still worthy to be rejoiced and elevated. In my humble opinion.
These are the new Inquisitors, Scarlet Letterers, and their enablers. The question is how to get them to see it.

This is the gaystapo, the hollaback, the "rape culture", the witch hunters. Enable them, you are them.

"Now, in the hopes that my painful and humiliating experience might yet produce some good by improving the final measures adopted, I offer my own story as a real-life example of how this well-intended policy can produce disastrous consequences if it remains detached from the most basic elements of fairness and due process that form the foundation of our legal system."

A sexual harassment policy that nearly ruined my life
14th-Nov-2014 04:38 pm - Boehner brags about begging Obama
He said this TO REPUBLICANS:
"unveiled by Boehner himself in an exuberant moment of boasting in a closed-door meeting with GOP colleagues minutes ago.
Boehner recalled telling Obama, 'Mr. President, just give us one more chance to do this the right way. If we can't, then do what you gotta do.'"

And people expect me to vote Republican? Why? This is the House LEADER. The Senate leader can't get enough of the Black Tie Yacht. So WHY vote for the lesser evil?

Two years, GOP. You need an enema. Starting with Orange-Obama here. Or burn.

13th-Nov-2014 12:51 pm - Obamacare fraud & the media reaction
"Neil Irwin, writing in The New York Times, concurred that Gruber was essentially lamenting the existence of a system which lead politicians to [...] defraud [...] 'Mr. Gruber was, in an infelicitous way, expressing frustration with that state of affairs,' Irwin charitably explained."

Commit fraud and try this defense in your own life. This is only acceptable for the 1%. But Democrats are the party of the people.

Brace yourself for the Washington Post's angle, then never pretend again this paper has credibility.

"Excellent! Perhaps The Post shed some light on the fabrications which helped sell this law to the American people, or maybe it focused on this ACA architect’s contempt for the public – the fatal liberal conceit.

The headline told the tale: 'GOP’s anti-Obamacare push gains new momentum in wake of Gruber video.'

A week after Gruber’s controversial remarks were uncovered by a tenacious citizen journalist, The Post’s first foray into this fracas is to examine the threat it poses to the Affordable Care Act."

The FRAUD against all of the American public isn't important. His justification for that fraud isn't important.

No, what is important to the post is that the GOP is anti the party and legislation they support.

With that in mind, you think they weren't aware of and in on the fraud? Fourth Estate Fifth Column.

Besieged by stupid Americans, Media circles the wagons around Gruber
"'During his appearance, the NBC host defended Obama’s 2008 speech in which then-candidate Obama claimed 'bitter Americans' 'cling to guns or religion.' Todd argued that Obama’s 'just observing the way an anthropologist would observe a society.'”

An anthropologist. You see? You stupid Americans who aren't 'progressive' are like primitive tribesman, cavemen.
And of course it's not wrong. What anthropologist wouldn't look at people of faith as afraid, violent primitives?

This is what Democrats think of you.

Chuck Todd Defends Obama’s ‘Bitter Americans’ ‘Cling To Guns Or Religion’ Comments
The guy caught admitting the mass conspiracy to commit fraud on the American people as he called them stupid now accuses the Republicans of trying to confuse the American public.

Please consider for a moment - does anyone think after this went public as national news and the university hosting the video pulled it down (the Memory Hole) that this guy *hasn't* spoken directly or indirectly with the White House on the next step in communications on the issue?

So what do they do? They do what Democrats often do: "NO U!" Having been CAUGHT as liars, they just double down on accusations against opposition.

It's Orwellian. It's Goebbels. It's incredibly dangerous. Why would any rational American trust this regime with anything at this point?

Jonathan Gruber, Who Claimed “Lack of Transparency” Was Critical to Passing Obamacare, Now Says the Republican Strategy is to “Confuse” People About the Law
If this exchange doesn't wake you to the seriousness of the problem with the Democrat Party I don't know what can.

"'It’s all BS! We had to do it because we needed to get this law passed,' Kelly said, summing up the pro-Obamacare argument.
'He was saying the system was set up to hide its true nature, which is wealth redistribution,' she said. 'He had to lie!'
[...]Besides, he said, everyone knew what the law was really about.
Kelly was incredulous.
'Everyone knew what they were getting?' she asked. 'Is that what you want viewers to believe'
If there were arguments that showed the true costs of the law that could persuade the American public to accept them, President Obama and his Democratic Party had a duty to put them out, Kelly said.
'We don’t have to,' Whitman said. 'The law passed.'"

‘It’s all BS!’ Megyn Kelly just can’t take it anymore!

When they say "everyone knew", they mean it. Because to them, and to every Democrat, "everyone" - all PEOPLE - all human beings who count - are Democrat. All Democrats knew it was a series of lies, a series of means to the end they desired. Those who don't count, who didn't understand the Grand Vision, will be handled when they have enough power.
"There is no Liberal media!" Democrats believe SO MUCH that their ideology is superior, their "journalists" hide news.

A video surfaces where the architect of legislation taking control of a 1/6 of our economy admits it was a mass conspiracy to defraud the American public. CNN & Fox News cover it all day, so ignorance is impossible as an excuse. And...

"the major English and Spanish broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, and Telemundo have chosen not to cover this devastating video "

Nets Ignore Video of ObamaCare Architect Crediting Law’s Passage on ‘the Stupidity of the American Voter’
"'Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,' says the MIT economist who helped write Obamacare. 'And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.'"

This. Is. Democrats.

They LIED to pass the law because YOU are too STUPID to OBEY.

Caught on Camera: Obamacare Architect Admits Deceiving Americans to Pass Law

He just admitted a lengthy conspiracy to commit fraud that covers the entire upper levels of government. This should be a RICO case.

And no one is going to care. Democrat voters will cheer.
This is meant to defend Warren. One thing stood out to me....

Minority Rules: Who Gets To Claim Status As A Person Of Color?

"Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren isn't backing down from her claim of Native American ancestry, despite the apparent lack of primary documents proving that she's 1/32nd Cherokee.
The controversy surrounding Warren's heritage led us to wonder — how much of a racial or ethnic heritage constitutes minority status? Should percentages of a bloodline matter at all?"

"Today, some people have flipped the 'one-drop rule' to claim minority status to try to gain perceived advantages in scholarships, college admission and in the workplace. In response, the Coalition of Bar Associations of Color passed a resolution last year urging law schools to treat the practice of 'box checking' as 'academic ethnic fraud.'"

The leftist can't even call it an advantage despite listing some of them and the fact people are lying to get them. Orwellian.

"That proof of Warren's heritage is now in question, but Warren has said she remains 'proud' of it. Her campaign strategist says Warren learned about her background 'through conversations with her grandparents, her parents and her aunts and uncles.' By some people's definitions of racial identity, that's enough to classify her as Native American.
But personal preferences and percentage don't seem to matter as much as perception. For the columnists making 'warpath' and 'wampum' jokes about Warren's claims of heritage, the problem may be that she simply 'looks white.'"
9th-Nov-2014 08:50 pm - The Top 10 Liberal Superstitions
The Top 10 Liberal Superstitions

"A hallmark of progressive politics is the ability to hold fervent beliefs, in defiance of evidence, that explain how the world works—and why liberal solutions must be adopted."

1. Spending more money improves education.
2. Government spending stimulates the economy.
3. Republican candidates always have a big spending advantage over Democrats.
4. Raising the minimum wage helps the poor.
5. Global warming is causing increasingly violent weather.
6. Genetically modified food is dangerous.
7. Voter ID laws suppress minority turnout.
8. ObamaCare is gaining popularity.
9. The Keystone XL pipeline would increase oil spills.
10. Women are paid 77 cents on the dollar compared with men.
In defense of white European Christian males

"Sadly, there were wars, battles and massacres between the Europeans and the Aboriginal Native Tribes. From the Métis to the Kawésqar - from the Portuguese to the Russians, an awful lot of blood has been spilled. Englishmen killed Cherokees, Susquehannocks killed Dutchmen. Not really much different from the wars between the Germans and the Poles or when the Pawnee almost rubbed-out every Sioux in present-day Nebraska."

"Speaking of live and dead people, it was those horrid evil white European Christians that forced more than a few tribes away from that rather nasty habit of eating the members of other tribes. The Aztecs, Karankawas, Caribs, Iroquois, and Yamassees were just a few that enjoyed nothing more than a succulent fricassée of 11-year-old girl around the ol' campfire. Not many American universities even mention that many of "the civilized" tribes usually sold human flesh in the marketplace. Just like how many European tribes did before the advent of Christianity."
9th-Nov-2014 08:26 pm - Karl Rove: Weapon of Mass Delusion
Karl Rove: Weapon of Mass Delusion

"So Karl Rove was involved in a cover-up. Well, leave it to Karl -- the “boy genius” and the “architect” -- to orchestrate a cover-up that actually hides information exculpatory to his President and his party. He did just that on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq. This is not an outlier either -- this is just Rove being Rove. And ‘Rove being Rove’ has sown the seeds of destruction that gave us Barack Obama in 2008, and again in 2012, and has scattered political germs that still haunt Republicans to this day."
Paul Krugman: Obama one of most successful presidents ever

"ranking third behind Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson. Krugman explained his reasoning by saying that Obama has made important changes to the economy, implemented new environmental policies, and accomplished health-care reform. "

The best Presidents to the left are those who create the most all powerful government by any means necessary.
Overnight they switch gears from "party of no" to "will they MAKE Obama veto". It's Orwellian. 

This is A JOURNALIST: "Is the President going to be forced to veto a bunch of bills?""

I expect you will hear this more and more from the herd animals of the Democrat Party. As if the "party of no" accusation never existed they will condemn Republicans for FORCING Obama to veto. "We have always been at war with Eastasia"

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