"Extremism *in the defense of Liberty* is no vice."
"The Left isnt made up of friends&allies. It's made up of competing parasites."
Recent Entries 
"After Garland, they went too far. They showed their hand and their goal, a world where they decide who gets to say what."

"Progressives mutter without conviction about how they can’t support violence, but … but … but, in fact, they do support violence. It’s not just their chilling with bomb-planting guys around the neighborhood and free passes for the looters in Ferguson and Baltimore. They support whatever it takes to silence us.
When the Democrats in Congress vote to repeal the First Amendment, or when they babble about outlawing what they label 'hate speech,' what these leftist elitists seek to do is to empower a government they control to send armed men to stop us from saying what they have determined we may not say."

"You want to turn America into the fascist state of your dreams? Remember Lexington and Concord? No, you don’t, because you were too busy taking courses in Socialist Tap Dance to squeeze in a history course. So let me break it down for you: You’ll need to fight. And you putzes don’t have the skill or the guts to do it."

"Oh, you came so close. For so long, we wrongly imagined that your lies about racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and all the rest were just part of some big misunderstanding. Sure, we knew you were wrong, that we were being falsely accused, but we thought you were at least sincere, if misguided. Except now the mask is off.
Racism? You don’t care. Ask Clarence Thomas about your love of minorities who don’t toe your line.
Sexism? You don’t care. Ask any of Bill Clinton’s victims, who you eagerly sacrificed to save your progressive knight.
"Homophobia? Poverty? Corporate abuses? Civil rights? You care nothing about any of them. You leftists just want control. You trash gays who get between you and power, and ignore the gays being murdered in the Middle East because that oppression isn’t useful to you. You keep the poor poor and addicted to your paltry handouts so you can maintain a docile voting bloc. Corporate abuses are terrible right up until the big companies start paying off your candidates. And civil rights? Gimme a break. The First Amendment stopped being useful back in January 2009, so now you’re eager to drown it like Mary Jo Kopechne."

Speak Free or Die

This is the truth about the left: There is no misunderstanding. They know the accusations they're making are false. Or they just don't care either way. They use the accusations because they know they work.
Just watch them. They never defend their positions. They only attack yours.
They will continue to press a jack boot any way they can. It is what they are.
My comments after the link. It took my far too long and far too many debates with "liberals" to understand and face these truths.

"The purpose of the counterculture was to shatter the dominant culture. Once that was done, the culture could be slowly cannibalized at will until the counterculture became the culture. And then it was no longer about freedom or free anything, those were the disruptive tools used to drive youth recruitment with a facade of anarchy, and it became about conformity and control. "

"Abstract ideas can be torn down. It's not hard. Any college freshman can tear down a set of ideas, honestly or dishonestly. Indeed much of the purpose of modern education is equipping students to destroy the ideas and values of their parents (but obviously not those of their educators)."

"The most important thing to understand about this phase of the culture war is that the left's goal is to break you as an individual, to take away your values and to replace them with their own. If it cannot do these things, it will try to destroy you and even use you as a cautionary tale to warn others."

"'The left is not fighting this as a war of ideas. It attacks the area of least resistance with whatever slogan or argument is most convenient at the time. Don't debate its ideas. Indict its hypocrisy. It mocks the values of others, but demands that what is sacred to it be off limits. This is a weakness. Don't defend your own values. Attack its values.'"

""The left isn't strong. It's weak. It isn't moral, it's completely amoral. It isn't replacing our culture with something better. It's replacing it with an engine for destroying our culture. Once that's done, it will collapse as thoroughly as its regimes always have because they had nothing to keep them going.
It's not our cure. It's our disease. It's not a culture, it's an anti-culture. "

This Culture War We're In

When debating a leftist (or someone clinging to a "liberal" idea) never make the mistake of believing their interest is truth or any real solution. Their interest is defeating you. This is why they deflect and are compelled to stay on offense rather than defend their position.
"The purpose of the counterculture was to shatter the dominant culture." Counter. Anti. Their interest isn't in defending their positions or seeking understanding. They believe they know all they need to know about the truth of their position. Their interest is in defeating yours.
"whatever slogan or argument is most convenient at the time." Even when that slogan or argument entirely conflicts with another they'll embrace it and refuse to acknowledge the contradiction. Orwell warned them about this. The Modern Left embraces it.

All of the above is why when conservatives succeed the leftist insists that they cheated. After all, the non-leftist *must* have cheated since liberalism is so certainly true defending it is unnecessary.

In some cases the leftist knows this. In most it's so deeply ingrained it's no longer conscious. This is usually the difference between the ranchers and the herd among the leftist cult.

Once you know and think to look for all of this it becomes obvious. I'm not saying don't debate and discuss. Just know what you're getting into.
I often rage against leftists constantly trying to shove their agenda down our throats in tv, movies, etc. This is often met with a well meaning soul telling me that I'm imagining things. "Everything isn't a conspiracy!" I try to explain that leftist academia indoctrinates students into believing it's their duty to convert culture, "for progress". (This applies to journalism and art as well as well as entertainment.) I explain that they are trained to believe it isn't quality if it isn't pushing "progress". Naturally they think I'm making it all up. Here are some basics. Don't believe me. Research for yourself.

"While modernist critical theory (as described above) concerns itself with 'forms of authority and injustice that accompanied the evolution of industrial and corporate capitalism as a political-economic system,' postmodern critical theory politicizes social problems'"

"In philosophy, the term critical theory describes the neo-Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School, which was developed in Germany in the 1930s. Frankfurt theorists drew on the critical methods of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. "


"Popular culture studies is the academic discipline studying popular culture from a critical theory perspective."

"Conceptual barriers between so-called high and low culture have broken down, accompanying an explosion in scholarly interest in popular culture, which encompasses such diverse media as comic books, television, and the Internet."

"Still, there may be ways to wage revolt in an age of mass media. One way could be to introduce small gradual changes in products otherwise conforming to the requirements of a dominant ideology."


"The critique of capitalism turned into a critique of Western civilization as a whole. Indeed, the Dialectic of Enlightenment uses the Odyssey as a paradigm for the analysis of bourgeois consciousness."


Progressivism comes from that school. It is all Marxism. In their eyes every story, or piece of art, or item of journalism should be built to cause "progress". What is "progress"? Everything considered Western or traditional is considered bad, and must be dismantled. It isn't an accident. It's how the writers and journalists and artists are being taught. It isn't a conspiracy theory. It's well documented if it's looked for. Don't believe me. Research. The leftist cancer must be confronted.
The left has to be exposed, confronted, and shunned.
29th-Apr-2015 11:03 pm - gay marriage & the coming fascism
Unfortunately, gay marriage proponents don't give a damn: Who gets hurt. What will happen. More laws. More oppression. More division. SCREW IT ALL! MY FEEELS SAY GAYS SHOULD MARRY YOU BIG MEANIE!

"I am the daughter of a gay father who died of AIDS. I described my experiences in my book: Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting. Over fifty adult children who were raised by LGBT parents have communicated with me and share my concerns about same-sex marriage and parenting."

"I want to warn America to expect severe erosion of First Amendment freedoms if the US Supreme Court mandates same-sex marriage. The consequences have played out in Canada for ten years now, and they are truly Orwellian in nature and scope."

Useful idiots, only interested in how it makes them feel, enabling leftist fascism won't hear it.
gaystapo photo gaystapo_zpslrplv8c6.jpg

A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights
27th-Apr-2015 12:07 pm - A look at the gaystapo mind
Schieffer: "“you said the other day [...] If the court rules in favor of gay marriage it would be open season on people of faith. I mean, how can you say that?'”
I know, right?!? That's CRAAAAAAZY!
Are you with me so far?

Let's rewind to Scheiffer RIGHT BEFORE that question: "'[w]e have been ***inundated*** by people who say we should ***not even let you appear***'"
"'the Southern Poverty Law Center has branded [you] hate group'"

Is this a cultist spewing Orwellian doublethink, or is this a genuinely evil liar pushing Orwellian propaganda at clueless useful idiot cultists?

They've been labelled a hate GROUP and CBS was inundated with demands to silence him - and this before The US Supreme Court has ruled against his side - but it's hysterical that he'd think people of like mind to him will be targeted.

I don't care how distracted you are basking in your superiority and warm feeeelings, if you are on the side with Schieffer you are not on the side of good. You are in fact on the side of evil. Gaystapo - Disagree with them and you should be silenced and ruined. How clear must it be?
gaystapo photo gaystapo_zpslrplv8c6.jpg
Bob Schieffer to Tony Perkins: I Was ‘Inundated’ by People to Disinvite You
I can't get enough of this. It's fantastic.
Suing the school AND her professor. Excellent. I hope there is some way to void her degree. When done with the lawsuit with Columbia - the school will settle - sue her into oblivion.

Emphasis mine:
"In response to the lawsuit, Sulkowicz (who is not being sued), told the Associated Press that she thinks 'it's ridiculous that Paul would sue not only the school but one of my past professors for allowing me to make an art piece.' She also said that it was 'ridiculous that he would read it as a 'bullying strategy,' especially given his continued public attempts to smear my reputation, when really it's just an artistic expression of the personal trauma I've experienced at Columbia.'"

Note the the psycho publicly carrying a mattress around for months over her rape, endured that public spectacle, just avoided saying 'rape', and of blaming him. That's a tacit admission this was all fraud.

The left will reward her. She's guaranteed a lucrative job for the help to the Narrative. How many useful idiots believed in her? Democrats don't care about the truth> They care that she pushed the agenda. She'll be paid. He needs to ruin her.

Columbia student defamed by mattress girl is suing
With the understanding there was ZERO 'hate speech', only a few curse words that are pretty much the norm in society now, savor this for a few moments before moving on:
"Student Government President Michael Slavens told WKBN: 'We have to be careful with the whole free speech issue.'"
Luckily, they got around that little hurdle:
"Student Government Association Executive Committee: "'Though SGA respects the free speech of all YSU students, these postings were not authorized, contained vulgar language, and, unfortunately, miss the point of minority activism.'”
Unless an approved minority you simply don't count - you don't get to be 'active'.
(psst. For those of you still not aware, this is a big part of why I am hostile to 'feeeelings' arguments.)

"response to LGBTQIA" <- This is not me satirizing. The alphabetsexuals choose this label.

"'official LGBT organization, YSUnity,"
The official no-straights, no-Christians org that demands obedience is called "unity"! Bask.

"'YSUnity does not support any kind of hate against our community'"
Except there was no 'hate', unless dissent of any kind is hate.

"'need for further inclusivity and education about diversity'"
AKA we don't have enough power yet, and haven't yet forced enough indoctrination in places where students should be learning. These are lessons the left always 'learn' from any incident, real or manufactured.

Say it with me: GAYSTAPO. This is a facet of the new McCarthyism. They are the fascists they claimed to hate.
gaystapo photo gaystapo_zpslrplv8c6.jpg

Fliers Going Around on a College Campus About Sexuality Stir Up Debate About Who Can Have ‘Pride’
20th-Apr-2015 11:03 am - Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2
I watched Amazing Spider Man recently. I'd avoided it because of the Sam Raimi dustup.
It turns out it was a really good film. The movement and behaviors of Spiderman were especially good. And Emma Stone certainly didn't hurt.

So I decided to catch Amazing Spiderman 2 despite the Rotten Tomatoes score. Wow, was it remarkably terrible. Electro is just shy of a god. So many things make no sense. Green Goblin sucks. Rino was ridiculous. And there is so much going on in the film that it's just all awful.

Spoilers, obviously. This nails it, and amuses. It was funny enough that it helped kill the bad tastes left from the film.
Everything Wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 13 Minutes or Less
This, too.
Honest Trailer - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ah,. The writing team behind the lousy Star Trek movies. That explains a lot.
18th-Apr-2015 10:54 am - Hillary "Trustworthy" video
Something to shove in the face of leftists on forums and elsewhere when they regurgitate their loyalty to the team.

17th-Apr-2015 10:50 am - The Gaystapo - after your kids
Gaystapo in your government schools, targeting your kids.

Was just exposed to this.
"On this day, thousands of public high schools and increasing numbers of middle schools will allow students to remain silent throughout an entire day-even during instructional time-to promote GLSEN's socio-political goals."


So I went to their web site, where the little gaystapo are told how to fight their teachers if they are prevented from protesting.

"Know Your Rights
Read National Day of Silence: The Freedom to Speak (Or Not) by Lambda Legal to learn about your legal rights to participate in GLSENs Day of Silence."

Your rights?!? Your RIGHTS are to sit your ass down and not disrupt the learning environment with activism about sexuality!

Brace yourself. Now tell me "gaystapo" isn't appropriate...

"Report It!
Are you experiencing resistance to GLSENs Day of Silence organizing or activities from your school administrators or faculty? If you are a student in a U.S. K-12 school and feel like your rights are not being respected, please click here to let us know!"

EXPERIENCING RESISTANCE. Does it get much more obvious?

And then they instruct CHILDREN to contact the organization so that the organization can target the adults supposedly running the government schools.

Communist playbook.

Read this, then tell me how delusional Republicans have to be to think these vermin will ever act in good faith.

The media isn't slanted. It isn't biased. It's full-on radical left, a subsidiary of the Democrat Party. Every member of the GOP should tell them to eat shit. They should be confronted and embarrassed, or not dealt with at all.

"In summary:
— Benghazi threatens to engulf Hillary Clinton.
— The brother of Obama’s Benghazi spin-doctor runs CBS News.
— The brother of Obama’s Benghazi spin-doctor chose John Dickerson to host one the top Sunday talk shows on the same weekend Hillary announced her candidacy.
— The new host of this top Sunday talk show has publicly pleaded with President Obama to go to “war” with, “pulverize … destroy … and delegitimize” the GOP as a whole, and the NRA specifically.
– -As host of “Face the Nation,” Dickerson will now be in a better position to do this himself.
— This is the same CBS News that parted ways with Sharyl Attkisson — a 20 year veteran, and one of the few reporters in America who actually did pressure and question the Obama administration."

New ‘Face the Nation’ Host Urged Obama to ‘Pulverize…Destroy…Delegitimize GOP’
Here's a :38 second video of Hillary while she was Sec State showing her true colors. Now imagine her when she sees herself as a ruler, as Dear Leader Barack does.
I'll be referencing back to this a lot.

11th-Apr-2015 08:42 pm - Anti-theist douchebags and US history
Wilson and FDR's introductions in the BIBLES they had distributed. Reagan's dedicated year.
I ran into an anti-theist douchebag on FB who posted ridicule/outrage at a state Republican who wants to make their state's book the Bible. The usual whines of "separation" that NO ONE mentioning it understands (deliberately) came up. Rather than sharing the usual information I recalled the following and shared it.

"The Bible is the word of life. I beg you that you will read it and find this out for yourself--read not little snatches here and there, but long passages that will really be on the road to the heart of it.

You will find it full of real men and women, not only, but also of things you have wondered about and been troubled about all your life, as men have been always, and the more you read the more it will become plain to you what things are worth while and what are not; what makes men happy; right dealings, speaking the truth, readiness to give everything for what they think their duty and most of all, the wish that they may have the real approval of the Christ who gave everything to them--and things that are guaranteed to make men unhappy--selfishness, cowardice, greed and everything that is low and men.

When you read the Bible you will know that it is the word of God, because you will have found it the key to your own heart, your own happiness and your own duty." - Woodrow Wilson in the Bible he had distributed to US Armed Forces. What a Radical Christian. Separation!

"To the Armed Forces:

As Commander-in-Chief, I take pleasure in commending the reading of the Bible to all who serve in the armed forces of the United States. Throughout the centuries men of many faiths and diverse origins have found in the Sacred Book words of wisdom, counsel and inspiration. It is a fountain of strength and now, as always, an aid in attaining the highest aspirations of the human soul.

Very sincerely yours,
Franklin D. Roosevelt." in the Bible he had distributed to US Armed Forces. What a RADICAL Christian. Separation!

"Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, in recognition of the contributions and influence of the Bible on our Republic and our people, do hereby proclaim 1983 the Year of the Bible in the United States. I encourage all citizens, each in his or her own way, to reexamine and rediscover its priceless and timeless message.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this third day of February, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and eighty-three, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and seventh.


If I went looking I'm sure I'd find many more, all of which took place long after the mass of documentation from those kooky ("THEY WERE DEISTS AND ATHEISTS!!!!") Founding Fathers everyone cherry picks or ignores on the subject. It is only recently that the truly radical anti-Christianity has been acceptable. Before FDR's court no one would have understood it. Even in the 90s few would have. Now too many fools act like it has always been the norm.
8th-Apr-2015 12:23 am - The LIE of the Climate Change '97%'
Democrats don't care. An ideology so superior it requires constant deceit.

The Myth of the Climate Change '97%'

Read more...Collapse )
6th-Apr-2015 09:35 pm - truths of history
Nazis sitting with the Nation of Islam. Yeah.

Not so surprising. Socialists have allied with the left throughout history, and still are allying with them. They agree that the masses should be in servitude to a learned elite.

6th-Apr-2015 09:30 pm - history revealed
Speaks VOLUMES about the left for any who have the INTELLECT to GET it. This is who they are at the core - words to "the people" and luxury to the oligarchs, the 'elite'.

6th-Apr-2015 06:41 pm - Liberals May Regret Their New Rules
Those of you sympathetic to Democrat friends had better read this and think. We are trying desperately to warn you.

"When you block all normal means of dissent, whether by ignoring the political will of you opponents or using the media to mock and abuse them, you build up the pressure. In 30+ years as an active conservative, I’ve never heard people so angry, so frustrated, so fed up. These emotions are supposed to be dissipated by normal political processes. But liberals are bottling them up. And they will blow. It’s only a matter of how.
Liberals need to understand the reality that rarely penetrates their bubble. [...] these attacks focus on what they hold dearest – their religion, their families and their freedom."

"Now, this will no doubt draw the lie that I am somehow advocating violence. The current liberal habit of shamelessly lying about their opponents makes civil debate impossible. Similarly, the mockery of non-liberals before stacked audiences of trained seals a la Jon Stewart is part and parcel of the same strategy of delegitimizing any opposition. Closing down the option of discussion leaves their opponents with only the option of action. So far, the action has only been in funding campaigns for oppressed pizzerias and in the voting booth – though they’ve trying to nullify that too.
'I’m not advocating violence – I am warning liberals that they are setting the conditions for violence.
And that better worry them, for the coastal elites are uniquely unsuited to a world where force rules instead of law. The Serbs were, at least, a warrior people. The soft boys and girls who brought us helicopter parenting, 'trigger warnings' and coffee cups with diversity slogans are not. "

Obamunist Party photo obamunistparty.jpg
"The problem here isn’t so much that Brand knows nothing about history, is politically naive, doesn’t understand even the rudiments of economics, can’t write, and manages 320 pages without producing a single laugh. It’s that his self-righteousness often veers into the authoritarian."

The whole thing should be read. It's pretty damn funny how Brand stumbles through blurting out his ignorance.

Russell Brand’s Revolution For Morons

I found this particularly interesting.
"Brand thinks that, “Collectivization is the most exciting and replicable aspect of the Spanish Revolution, if you ask me and dear George.” I suppose when you have a Wikipedia understanding of Orwell, you might not know that the collective was something that terrified dear George. As he wrote in 1944, “It cannot be said too often—at any rate, it is not being said nearly often enough—that collectivism is not inherently democratic, but, on the contrary, gives to a tyrannical minority such powers as the Spanish Inquisitors never dreamed of.”
That was something I did not know.
"It started with the Memorandum of Agreement (MOAs) that 46 states signed in 2009 when they agreed to take Race to the Top funding in exchange for implementing the not-yet-written Common Core standards. "

"Last week Kasich defended the statements he has made about the the genesis of the Common Core standards, telling reporters at Nashua Community College, “I said, ‘If I don’t know what I’m talking about, please correct me,’ and I was met with profound silence.” He said that concerns about the standards are a “runaway internet campaign.” If Kasich were so inclined, he could, with just a few simple Google maneuvers, discover plenty of evidence (on that internet he so quickly dismissed) that would “correct” his mistaken statements about who wrote the standards"

These are regular tactics used by Obama.

PJM Lifestyle Actually, No, Governors & Classroom Teachers Did NOT Write the Common Core Standards
ATTENTION: The title of this linked work is not satire. The author means it.
(ATTENTION Social Justice Warriors: You may want to consider your allies and realize what you're a part of. Special notes below.)

"Turn on your television or check out any news website and what do you see? Females in the gaming industry being chased out of their homes en-mass due to threats of rape, torture, mutilation, death, violence and harm. Why? "
En-mass! It's an epidemic!

"There are those who will say “but there are men who support Anita, Zoe and women in the gaming industry, surely not all men are rapists?” Hm, there’s that ‘not all men’ saying again. Well, I have an answer for that. The men supporting women in gaming are only waiting for a payoff: sex."
(I hope you SJW males are paying careful attention of what they think of you.)

"This leaves the obvious question. Why is gamergate happening, why are men doing this? Change. It is scary to many. For the vast majority of the history of humankind, women have been subjugated by men. "
Who knew? So it's not that you hate all men and gamers? Hm.

"But why is it so much worse in the gaming community than many other areas? Gaming, though more mainstream now than ever, has long been dominated by children and young people, those who are the least mature. They stay in their fantasy worlds so long, that by the time they grow up they still have the child’s mindset. "
She doesn't even respect actual gamers!
(That means you, SJW. You want to protect them, and they loathe you. This is SOP communism. You're what's called a Useful Idiot, tools saved to be defeated last.)

"You can threaten us, rape us, kill us, but we are 50% of the population. You cannot kill and rape us all. "
Wow. The real war on women? The real Rape Culture? Nuts like this who diminish real issues with their ravings.

"You will either stand on the right side of social change, or be left in the dust of history. "
Sounds like the gay rights issue. By no coincidence.

Gamergate Proves Majority of Male Gamers Are Rapists
4th-Apr-2015 02:47 pm - paying for our own invasion
Taxpayers are now forced to pay for our own invasion. Democrats have outdone the worst examples of cultural and national suicide in all of human history now. The treasonous march continues unabated.

ICYMI, because mainstream media sure as hell won't address it, we're paying for them to fly here, then a free education, food stamps, medical care and living expenses in a program that is virtually unlimited.

Did you work to become a citizen here? SUCKER. Are from other than a Spanish or Portuguese speaking country? Too bad, SUCKER. Are you an American struggling to house, feed, and clothe your children? SUCKER.

DHS Launches “Family Reunification,” Refugee Program for Central Americans
Exceptional must-read. If only we could get so many useful idiot minions of the social justice warriors to read it.

"Likewise, fighting poverty couldn’t possibly be our Selma. The annoying thing about defending the poor is that the poor need money, and we had student loans to pay. And sex trafficking wasn’t any more attractive. To be holy, you need a cause no one else supports, least of all those wretched white Southern fundamentalists. While forcing women into prostitution is certainly bad, what’s the point of speaking against it if Jerry Falwell agrees with you?
Then, one day, manna descended from heaven in the form of gay marriage. Here it was! The cause we’d longed for all these years had finally arrived! Here was an injustice no one had ever opposed before. Here was a group of marginalized people no one had ever defended. So by embracing this cause, we would instantly be more compassionate, more accepting, more saintly than every human being who had ever lived."

"Once upon a time in social studies class, my generation learned that moral righteousness was found in opposing an injustice that nobody else opposed. And when we found that injustice, nobody was going to take away our long-desired holiness. So as we march on, don’t expect things to change. We will continue misleading, lying, and slandering. We will continue calling people bigots and klansmen, not because we’re actually debating them, but because those are the words of the spiritual songs we sing as we press toward glory and polish our LGBT halos.

Likewise, we will continue linking the civil-rights movement with the push for gay acceptance without pausing for a second to consider the comparison. We will continue diminishing the bravery of Rosa Parks by claiming a seat beside her as our reward for the one time we boycotted Chick-Fil-A for a month. We will trivialize the death of Medgar Evers by praising his blood for freeing gay couples to financially ruin a florist who hurt their feelings instead of walking one more block to find another purveyor of petunias who was happy to take their money.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, countless children of God will embrace the older saints who gave them lives of far greater dignity on earth by following Christ’s example and enduring insults, beatings, imprisonments, and even death for them. We know this and yet we will insist that we’re owed an equal measure of honor because we tweeted our support for every gay kiss on 'Glee.'

From the days of our youth, my generation hungered for a cause that would make us as righteous as the saints who marched on Selma. We have found that cause. We have sunk our teeth into that righteousness and, at this point, we couldn’t care less if it’s real. The Lord of Social Justice has finally answered our prayers. And Lord help the bigot who comes between us and our cause."

Gay Marriage Isn’t About Justice, It’s About Selma Envy
1st-Apr-2015 02:14 pm - The Invasion Of The Hypotheticals
'B-b-but what if a one legged Latino lesbian single mother midget has to limp a mile with her child on her back in the snow to the only doctor in 100 miles and he's an Evil KKKristian who refuses to treat her? Don't you see your inhumanity?!?
And if you don't completely agree with my arguments you support racism because this is just like the civil rights struggle' - This is the kind of ludicrous scenario we see every day.

The following read is excellent and packed with insight. Read. Share. Shove in their faces when they do this (which is constantly), not that it will help.

"The outrage over Indiana’s religious freedom law (no air quotes here) is a great example of how purely hypothetical the Left has become. In fact, from now on I’m going to call them The Hypotheticals. They oppose this law because—hypothetically—it could lead to discrimination.

Here in the non-hypothetical world, however, Sweet Cakes by Melissa really did go bankrupt for not baking a gay cake and the Giffords really did have to pay $13,000 for not holding a gay marriage in their living room. I understand the argument that Indiana’s law might have repercussions down the line, but why pontificate when we can see the adverse effects of doing the opposite right now?

Well, firstly because without pontification, The Hypotheticals have nothing."

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Fury Completes The Invasion Of The Hypotheticals
28th-Mar-2015 01:48 pm - Understanding Democrats
Try the thought experiment at the bottom for yourself.

Focus on the following and you understand Democrats on *all* issues. To me the most important part of Cruz' comments on climate change is being ignored.
"And the solution for all the advocates in the '70s of global cooling was massive government control of the energy sector, of our economy, and aspects of our lives"
"then all the advocates of global cooling suddenly shifted to global warming[...] the solution interestingly enough was [...] government control of the energy sector and every aspect of our lives."
"And when someone keeps proposing the same solution regardless of the problem, you start to think maybe they just like government control of the energy sector and every aspect of our lives.”

Once you understand that last, the mystery of the Democrat agenda on *any* topic becomes clear. It doesn't matter what the problem is. The "solution" is always bigger government, more regulation (or leftist control), higher taxes. If that's *always* the solution, doesn't it become obvious that the agenda is control, not solving problems?

Try it for yourself at home! Think of any issue where Democrats are involved and look for their answer involving how it gives them power. Whatever the "problem", the solution is the same. If that's always the case, maybe the real problem isn't the "problem" being discussed.
27th-Mar-2015 09:57 pm - Worst Propaganda Campaign in History
Green Movement photo greenred.jpg"Since 1989, there’s been no significant change in the public’s concern level over global warming. To put this in perspective, note that the most expensive public-relations campaign in history—one that includes most governmental agencies, a long list of welfare-sucking corporations, the public school system, the universities, an infinite parade of celebrities, think tanks, well-funded environmental groups and an entire major political party—has, over the past 25 years or so, increased the number of Democrats who “worry greatly” about global warming by a mere four percentage points."

"Environmentalism has always been leftist malware, [...] it’s implicit in most of the agenda — to understand how many archaic ideas about top-down control litter every corner of this philosophy"

"So if you haven’t been able to win over the public over in 25 years of intense political and cultural pressure, you are probably down to two options: You can revisit your strategy[...] Or, you can try to force people to do what you want.
Democrats, it seems, are going to give the latter another try."
The Campaign To Make You Care About Climate Change Is Failing Miserably
Forgetting himself or thinking it was a safe audience, Nye just revealed a lot about the Climate Change hoax.

Green Movement photo greenred.jpg
"'It’s not just to be mean, it’s to redistribute wealth,' Nye said."
“'We have to get people who really want the government to do what it’s supposed to do, which is run things,' Nye said."
"'We need to address climate change as quickly as we can. Both with technical solutions from the bottom up and regulatory solutions, or changes, from the top down,'"

VIDEO: Bill Nye: We need a carbon tax to ‘redistribute wealth’

Here is a video of self identified communist and revolutionary Van Jones calling for "top down, bottom up revolution. He's never disavowed communism. When he put on the suit he stopped saying "revolution" and started saying "change". Top down, bottom up is the "progressive" method of changing the country (and world) to (redistribute wealth with government running things AKA) socialist rule. Here is the departing top UN climate change official admitting global economic change, aka Marxism and government rule, is the goal.

That's what the climate change hoax is about.
26th-Mar-2015 11:43 pm - Ted Cruz and Climate Change
If you haven't seen this yet, it's conservative porn. Skip to 1:08 in the video. He kills.

Ted Cruz slams climate change supporters
Fascism. This is evil. Period.
And I guarantee you can trace these back to iHollaback Nazis and their fascist sister groups.

This is nuts. How bad do things have to get? Is there ANY goodness and courage left on the left to speak up and stop this garbage?

"But I'll risk microaggressing you to note that the student government at Ithaca College in upstate New York has just passed a mind-blowing bill that will allow students to anonymously report offensive statements"

The 'noble' purpose? "will create a more conducive environment for victims to speak about microaggressions"
We want a collective Big Brother to have a more powerful collective Big Brother.

"So remember, kids, you don't go to college to learn new things and feed your head. You go to college to be subjected to an anonymous system of collecting information about the bad thoughts you have [...]
But rest easy, because if you are in fact accused of microaggressing, **your accuser 'would likely have to reveal their identity' if any charges are pressed (emphasis added)."**
And even then, what do you say in your defense? Having said it is indefensible guilt.

People who support this would watch you put on a train for reeducation. Don't doubt it.

26th-Mar-2015 12:17 am - #gaystapo, a clarification
When I write gaystapo, or I soon may start with rapestapo, some people foolishly believe I mean all gays, or anyone who has an opinion on rape. This is stupid. Gaystapo is no more all gays than saying ISIS means all Muslims, or more appropriately Nazi means all Germans.

_X_stapo represents the militant, insane, every encroaching, ever pushing left behind a particular cause. Their goal is power, and they do not stop. They will keep pushing until, if they can get their way, they can literally put a rainbow jack boot on your neck if you offer ungood speech.

Plenty of gays are rational people who want to be left the hell alone and who want to leave me alone. The ___stapo come from the left and want to leave no one alone.

When I offer that label I'm saying I see a specific agenda or mindset involved. Since I'm posting several of them tomorrow, I figured I'd point that out.
24th-Mar-2015 05:05 pm - 4th Estate 5th Column
"There is no liberal media!" Uh huh. Screw you.

"On Monday evening, mainstream media reporters reportedly gave Hillary Clinton a standing ovation after she joked about her private email scandal and took no questions from the press–at an event honoring excellence in journalism."

If you think this is okay, if you think this is how a representative republic should work, you are the problem.

21st-Mar-2015 03:14 pm - MDMA, Anxiety, Big Govt
Government photo 3167e599-693f-4695-9690-af60c0cb72be_zpsrxwf6hpt.jpgHow many people over decades have suffered misery they might not have but for government fiat?
This takes me to a problem I regularly have with those on the right. Try to have the conversation and they yell, "It's a drug!" Yes, so is aspirin. It's government that decides which we're allowed to take. Their track record on decision making leaves a lot to be desired.
Meanwhile, the left will scream about evil BigPharmCo yet ignore they have a lot of the power they do because of government. Tell me, which makes pharmaceutical companies more money, the latest anti-depressant or anti-anxiety patent, or the 100 year old drug?
"Prior to being listed as a Schedule 1 drug in 1985, MDMA was actually used in combination with psychotherapy in the treatment of various psychological problems, such as neuroses and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But after its classification, the difficulties in gaining approval and funding for clinical research meant that studies virtually ceased for a number of years."

"Their published studies concluded not only that MDMA was well-tolerated and did not cause harm, but that it also resulted in significant clinical improvement in many. Furthermore, those who responded remained symptom-free in follow-up studies."
Trial Will Investigate Use Of MDMA In The Treatment Of Anxiety In Seriously Ill Patients

Some history, via wikipedia.
"The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) began collecting information about MDMA in 1982 with the intention of banning the drug if enough evidence for abuse could be found.[94] By mid-1984, MDMA use was becoming more noticed. [...] In the next month, the World Health Organization identified MDMA as the only substance out of twenty phenethylamines to be seized a significant number of times.[93] The drug was first proposed for scheduling by the DEA on 27 July 1984 with a request for comments and objections.[99] The DEA was surprised when a number of physicians, therapists, and researchers objected to the proposed scheduling and requested a hearing.[96] In a Newsweek article published the next year, a DEA pharmacologist stated that the agency had been unaware of its use among psychiatrists.[100]"

Too late. Once government decides, turning that ship around isn't easy.
MDMA - "ecstasy" (shortened to "E", "X", or "XTC")

Am I advocating MDMA? Nope. But I sure do wish Americans were able to put into their bodies what they want, or failing that, potentially useful drugs at least had a better shot for study. But the 20th Century was all about the "progress" of government knowing what's good for us.
20th-Mar-2015 03:28 pm(no subject)
Dangerously stupid or evil.
Biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. 6 years ago their people rose up in a "Green Revolution" protest for Democracy and were literally slaughtered in the streets by the government.

Democrats: Win by any means photo 887.jpg"Obama goes on television in Iran to complain about Americans. And he equates the American people who disagree with him to hardliners in Iran who disagree with their government. He compares Iranian hardliners to Americans who are skeptical of his deal. We must have audio sound bites of this. It's unprecedented. An American president addressing the Iranians. Here. Just listen.

OBAMA: Hello. To everyone celebrating Nowruz -- across the United States and in countries around the world -- Nowruz Mubarak. This year we had the best opportunity in decades to pursue a different future between our countries. Just over a year ago we reached an initial understanding regarding Iran's nuclear program. I believe that our countries should be able to resolve this issue peacefully with diplomacy. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons, and President Rouhani has said that Iran would never develop a nuclear weapon."

Remember Democrat voters - if things go wrong we're going to hold you responsible. I will have no sympathy.
Obama Addresses His People -- in Iran!
"RUSH: What in the world, folks, is happening here. Why, if there's a fatwa in Iran against nuclear weapons, why in the world do we need a diplomatic resolution? A diplomatic resolution to what? 'There are people in both our countries and beyond who oppose the diplomatic --' What are we diplomacizing here, if there's a fatwa against nukes? What, are there some rogue elements in Iran developing a nuclear weapon despite the fatwa against it by the Ayatollah Khamenei? 'It's all up to us, Iranians and Americans.' We are allied? We are now allied with the Iranians in that region?'"
 photo 13ec87c9-0188-482e-bc04-c3dafad6da96_zpsvn5wua4a.jpg
To Hell with the UN. To Hell with anyone who supports the UN. They are an enemy of good. If you don't know that, WakeTFU.

World's top violator of women's rights is Israel, per the UN.

"Not Syria. Where government forces routinely employ rape and other sexual violence and torture against women as a tactic of war. "
"Not Saudi Arabia. Where women are physically punished if not wearing compulsory clothing [read the article for the list of abuses]"
'Not Sudan. Where domestic violence is not prohibited. There is no minimum age for 'consensual' sex. The legal age of marriage for girls is ten. 88% of women under 50 have undergone female genital mutilation. And women are denied equal rights in marriage, inheritance and divorce."
"Not Iran. [...] Women who fight back against rapists and kill their attackers are executed. The constitution bars female judges. And women must obtain the consent of their husbands to work outside the home."
Not China, that forces abortions. Not Yemen, or many more.

Nope. The worst is Israel. Because Leftists and their Muslim allies hate Israel.

THAT is the U.N.
RIGHT THERE is a real War On Women, a real Rape Culture over many nations. Yet the left mysteriously rarely cares. Screw them and any supporters.

20th-Mar-2015 01:20 pm - Obama's delusional declarations
Either he's absolutely unaware of actual facts - an empty suit news reader who repeats what is on his prompter,
an unabashed liar knowing his cult audience won't question him,
mentally unstable,
or some combination of the above.

This argument is not rational. It is not in any way based in fact. It isn't just a lie, because the word lie doesn't do it justice.

This is the kind of shit the Soviets did as they starved and murdered.

"It was one thing for them to argue against Obamacare before it was put in place. Every prediction they made about it turned out to be wrong. It's working better than even I expected. But it doesn't matter. Evidence be damned. 'It's still a disaster.' But why?"

I'm supposed to respect or try to connect with Democrat voters, people who will accept THIS? No.

Obama on Obamacare: "Every Prediction They Made Turned Out To Be Wrong," "Working Better Than Even I Expected"
Obama  Commie photo Obama_LineofMarx.jpg
"Under current LGBT leadership this is how their movement works:
Step one. Using expensive focus group results, invent a right.
Step two. Convince a small group of people they are being denied the imaginary right.
Step Three. Target and humiliate anyone who disagrees with the imaginary right.
Step Four. Fundraise relentlessly using the word equality often, reminding people that equality can be given or taken – depending on whether the candidate, issue, or public personality is liberal or conservative. Democrat candidates give imaginary rights and Republican candidates take away imaginary rights.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat endlessly in fabulous LGBT multi-media propaganda, which is celebrated by Hollywood and the LSM.
Back in the late 90′s LGBT leadership made a decision regarding strategy. The unfortunate decision was made shortly after the radical feminist lesbian fringe hijacked the movement. The new radical leadership decided that the best strategy was to isolate and then publically demonize any American with ideas they disagree with"

"It’s times like this that I thank God for making me a conservative. Conservatives believe and have great faith in the individual, not the collective, & definitely not the group norm.
Instead of using thug tactics to isolate and punish Dave, wouldn’t it be a more open minded and tolerant strategy to admit the bad behavior of the group norm and then do something about it? If you can’t admit the bad behavior of the group norm how can you help others to overcome the bad behavior?"
That last applies to so many "communities" Democrats enable in hatred and decline.

18th-Mar-2015 08:43 pm - #Gaystapo - "next big fight"

Keywords: Next. Big. Fight.
Keyword there: NEXT. As in progressives. Never. Stop. Ever. Not last. NEXT.
"With the Supreme Court set to rule in the coming months on marriage equality, the gay rights community already is gearing up for its next big fight: the push for a comprehensive federal nondiscrimination bill. "

Special preference and protections for themselves are the #1 priority of a big majority polled. Not the economy, foreign policy, jobs, immigration, or a laundry list of other problems. Nope. Special protections for them. Lawsuits galore for them. The ability to silence others for them.

Thus validating one of the concerns of many critics. It's always tinfoil until they admit it, then you're -ist or -phobic and need to shut up.

Civil Rights Bill Top Priority For LGBT Voters, According To New Poll
Imagine being a student punched in the face by a classmate, then being forced by teachers to listen to the abuser explain you deserve it because you are white.
Imagine being a teacher and sent to the hospital or groped by a student, only to be lectured that you brought it on yourself.
These aren't fantasy. It's a growing public school policy, and lucrative for the left.

"New York public-school students caught stealing, doing drugs or even attacking someone can avoid suspension under new 'progressive' discipline rules adopted this month.
Most likely, they will be sent to a talking circle instead, where they can discuss their feelings."

"What’s more, the movement — which is driven by new race-based anti-discipline guidelines issued by the Obama administration — is creating friction between teachers unions and the liberal mayors they otherwise support."

"In Syracuse, meanwhile, teachers complain student behavior has worsened since the school district collapsed discipline structures in favor of restorative justice practices. They say teens are more apt to fight, mouth off to teachers and roam the halls under the more lenient policy. They’re even seeing increasingly violent behavior among elementary school children."

"'I was terrified and bullied by a fourth-grade student,' a teacher at a Los Angeles Unified School District school recently noted on the Los Angeles Times website. “The black student told me to ‘Back off, b—h.’ I told him to go to the office and he said, ‘No, b—h, and no one can make me.’'"

"Recently mandated 'positive interventions' have only exacerbated discipline problems in the largely minority Santa Ana public school district, where middle-school kids now regularly smoke pot in bathrooms — some even in class — and attack staff — spitting on teachers, pelting them with eggs, even threatening to stab them, according to the Orange County Register."

"Defiance toward teachers is on the rise in Philadelphia public schools, as well, where talking circles have replaced suspensions.
A former Philly middle-school teacher complains minority students act out and then dare teachers to kick them out of class"

The left live in a world directly opposed to the rational, real world: "'It’s sort of a counterintuitive thing for many of us as adults, but the more we give up power, the more we empower others, often the better things are,' Duncan added."

"After a black high-school boy repeatedly punched his teacher in the face, sending her to the emergency room, the teacher, who is white, was advised by the assistant principal not to press charges. The administrator lectured her about how hard it is for young black men to overcome a criminal record.
Worse, she was told she should examine what role she, 'as a white woman' holding unconscious racial biases, played in the attack"

"During cultural sensitivity training required of school districts under restorative justice programs, teachers are told they are largely to blame for bad behavior of black students because they “misinterpret” African-American culture.
The training sessions, which often run several days, are led by civil-rights activist groups seeking 'racial justice.'"

Democrats do not care who gets hurt. They don't care how many suffer. All that matters to them is ideology/feelings.
First they spend decades destroying the family, encouraging single parent homes, increasing joblessness, destroying faith. The inevitable result is animals attending the schools we are all but forced to send our kids to, and now those schools are told not to discipline kids. So what will that do to education, to the conduct of the good kids?

How liberal discipline policies are making schools less safe
 photo Fi-M-Top10-Lord-of-the-Flies-Mojo-N_zps6574f55f.jpg
The "grassroots" protests of the left almost never are.

"John: Well, you’re right. It’s the Islamists. It’s the Communists. It’s the anti-Americans, and it’s funded by a guy we all know, George Soros. Glenn: What a surprise. John: To the tune of $33 million that we can find."

"John: Exactly, the elder statesman. Now, we know Soros is funding this because of his tax returns. We can find through two of his foundations. It’s the Open Societies Foundation and Drug Policy Alliance. We can see 33 million going into those that directly trickle down to this"

"John: You know them real well. SEIU sends out a press release encouraging everybody…now, I want to back up. You know how all these groups say we’re independent, we don’t work in concert with one another? Glenn: Yes. John: SEIU sends out a press release telling everybody to go to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s Get Out the Vote rally in Ferguson, Missouri. They even go so far as to link to NAN, the National Action Network, in the press release. So, the press release goes down. Who speaks at the National Action Network conference? Sure, Al Sharpton’s people do, but so does the son of Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the Nation of Islam.


Flashback: Do you remember the "One Nation" event that was held in DC as a rally to counter the rallies of the right? It was a complete bomb. Here was their list of sponsors. Along with SEIU, note the names in bold. It's all the same team.
This. Is. Beautiful.
You want to have a conversation on race? START. HERE.

Watch CBS Sunday Morning's Nancy Giles happily, fearlessly mock the white guy until WHOOPS, he's black. Then suddenly the body language changes, the tone changes. THAT is the racism we need to address.

"'It's also interesting because I'm actually black, but you assumed otherwise,' said Smooth, whose role in the segment was representing the side against Race Together. 'And this is the sort of awkwardness that we can look forward to at Starbucks across America.'"

See, the conservative in general cares about what Jay Smooth has to say, "content of character", but Nancy Giles, liberal, calculates *everything* based on his race. Liberals, by far, are more racist. To them it's always about race.

Teased for Co-Opting Blackness, Jay Smooth Explains, "I'm Black"
18th-Mar-2015 02:45 pm - Elton John goes Gaystapo
Two men (the fact they are gay shouldn't make any damned difference, though it does) express an opinion on traditional marriage.
"“You are born to a mother and a father — or at least that’s how it should be,” How CONTROVERSIAL!
Elton John goes apeshit and demands boycott. Here's the response:

"“I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t expecting it from someone like Elton John I used to think – and I stress ‘used to’ – was intelligent. What’s going on? You preach understanding. You preach tolerance. And then you put the knife in? All because someone else doesn’t see things your way? Is that supposed to be a democratic way of thinking? Enlightened? He’s ignorant, in the sense that he denies ways of seeing things that may not be his but are just as deserving of respect.'”
Amen. Were they not somewhat inoculated by being gay this 'controversy' would be many times worse.

Call yourself "liberal" and talk to me of your tolerance when you can stand diversity of thought.

Elton John slams Dolce and Gabbana’s pro-traditional family comments, Gabbana’s response is EPIC
Cracked.com is a rabbit hole. It's far too easy to fall in and hours go by.

More excellent insights a lot of people don't realize. (Though sadly it does delve into liberal douchebaggery at the end. They are apparently incapable of seeing or being sympathetic to the views of others unless those others are murderers.)

#5. It's Not What You Said, It's What You Didn't Say
#4. You Accidentally Asserted Power Over Them
#3. They Think You Owe Them
#2. You Wasted Their Time
#1. You Assumed That Because You Were OK With a Situation, Everybody Was

5 Ways You're Accidentally Making Everyone Hate You
I think the fat one is overstated, but a very interesting article with some great insights.

#5. "You Just Need to Watch What You Eat!"
#4. "You Just Need to Cheer Up!" (Amen to this one!)
#3. "You Just Need to Believe in Yourself!"
#2. "Just Be Yourself!"
#1. "You Just Need to Find What You Were Meant to Do With Your Life!"

The 5 Most Useless Pieces of Advice Everyone Gives
2008 "It has been confirmed that Mr Obama spoke to Hoshyar Zebari, the Iraqi foreign minister, during Mr Zebari's visit to Washington in June. The talk, which was at Mr Zebari's request, was carried out over the phone because Mr Obama was on the campaign trail."

"Samir Sumaidaie, the Iraqi ambassador to the US, told the Washington Times: 'In the conversation, the senator urged Iraq to delay the [deal] between Iraq and the United States until the new administration was in place.'"

Barack Obama 'tried to undermine George W Bush's Iraq negotiations'
"You and I paid for Barack and Michelle Obama to fly to Los Angeles (for those TV appearances– same area, same day) separately. So that’s just dandy and all."

Democrats cannot be taken seriously arguing that Climate Change is such a danger when the Obama royalty do this. 'THE WORLD IS IN IMMINENT DANGER" but they fly separately to LA out of convenience. No.

And then there is the whole, how many of the poor could have been fed from the cost of that extra flight.

Screw you Democrat voters. Herd animals.

Just a Friendly Reminder That The Obamas Couldn't Care Less About Wasting Tax Dollars
Note - Obama has argued exactly the same, and that's not a coincidence:
"Instead, some officials in President Nicolás Maduro’s government have lashed out at doctors and the directors of medical associations who have criticized health care—calling them traitors and greedy capitalists who don’t really care about the sick."

This is the direction things *must* go as the left gets more power.

Venezuelans Suffer Amid Crumbling Health System

Read more...Collapse )
14th-Mar-2015 03:04 am - Left/right
Encountered today. Exceptional:

"In short, right-wingers/individualist are happy to let left-wingers/collectivist hold their beliefs, because those left-wing beliefs will be the individual's own undoing in a right-wing world. But left-wingers *cannot* permit right-wingers to hold their beliefs, because those beliefs confer to the right-wingers an unfair advantage in a left-wing world."
13th-Mar-2015 01:58 pm - More on Obama's Iranian deal
This is a follow up to my post, Why Iran is a Bad Deal.

Every year Iran celebrates the National Holiday, Death to America Day.
"These events include the November 4 anniversary of the U.S. embassy seizure"

Every year at the end of Ramadan Iran celebrates the National Holiday Quds Day, to celebrate opposition to Israel's existence as well as Israel's control of Jerusalem.
"Senior Iranian leaders give fiery speeches condemning Israel (which they often refer to as 'the regime occupying Jerusalem'), as well as the U.S. government. The crowds respond with chants of 'Death to Israel', and 'Death to America'."

These are the people with whom Obama is negotiating without letting Americans or Congress know the details, and has opened those negotiations by giving them everything they want.

Just this week, conveniently ignored by mainstream media...
Michelle Obama hosted a big party celebrating Nowruz, the most important holiday in Iran.

Just a reminder to my friends on the left - Iran is an authoritarian theocracy where women have no rights, gays are killed, executions and political prisoners are common.

Michelle Celebrates an Iranian Holiday at the White House

And remember, Obama supported the "Arab Spring". When the people of Iran rose up in the Green Revolution for the same freedoms he barely paid lip service, despite the youtube video of Neda Agha Soltan for justification. The protestors were then slaughtered in the streets.

His Iran actions are either calculated betrayal of this country or genuinely irrational. Supporters of this administration should not be considered American countrymen. What is enough?
If you know any leftists who can still think, this is worth sharing.

"But that’s what the mainstream left specialises in: generating shame.
This shame comes from the phenomenon of what I call assumption creep – the assumption that if you believe one thing you probably believe another thing, which you are hiding. If you believe women behave differently in the real world from men, whether for cultural or biological reasons, you also (secretly) believe women are more suited for domestic life than careers."
Racist! homophobe! Sexist! Check your privilege!

"It’s just a way of making sure people who have opinions contrary to your own stay safely in their boxes – the boxes marked 'bad people'. To actually address the issues is thus avoided, because who needs to debate with a bad person? It’s enough just to condemn them."

"Identity politics is one of the most significant developments of the last 50 years, but it has led to nerves being exposed in a way they rarely were by economic issues. Because identity is less about politics and more about that most sensitive of human constructions, the protection of the self – both group and individual.
And the more it becomes about the protection of self, the less it becomes about the back and forth of rational argument."
If he wakes up just a little more he'll come to realize that's the plan.

"Those who identify with the 'paradoxical voice' self-censor because they know they are going to get rocks thrown at them – not by their enemies but by their friends. That’s not only a bad feeling; it’s a tendency that’s bad for democracy, for politics, and the wider movement we call the left."

If leftwingers like me are condemned as rightwing, then what’s left?
13th-Mar-2015 02:50 am - Why Iran is a bad deal
I was asked by a socialist (self-IDd) via Twitter recently, "hello - this is your lefty friend. can you tell me what is so awful about PBO's Iran plan?" If this were any other leftist I'd assume it's the set up talking point of the "we have to pass it before you see what's in it". The grotesquely insulting argument making the rounds from Democrats is that we can't criticize the negotiations until our Democrat masters deign to complete them and then let us know America's obligation to the done deal. Herd animals. A cult. Mass derangement. She has always acted in good faith, so I believe her question was sincere. And hey, I'll take a self-IDd socialist over a "liberal" who is lying to themselves or me any day.

The following is a rough outline. Anything I say that seems in doubt should be independently researched and verified. Belief is up to the reader. These are facts as I see them. Just keep in mind if the source is leftist they outright lie or self-delude on history as needed. I read wiki's take on NK and nukes and was surprised by the BS. The left is positively Orwellian. Anyway...

None of Obama's plans exist in a vacuum. History matters a lot, from 35 years ago to just recent weeks.

The Past
In 1979 radical Islamists and communists backed by the Soviet Union had been pushing to rebel against the Shah of Iran. Carter deliberately failed to offer support, effectively greenlighting the Iranian Revolution. The Shah was overthrown. The entirely predictable took place - Americans were taken hostage and we were embarrassed on the world stage at great length. It was impossible not to have seen all of that coming. Carter was either complicit or a complete incompetent. Iran, that had previously moved into the modern era, was plunged into and remains an authoritarian theocracy.
The moment Reagan showed up the hostages were given back. Eventually the US was forced to begin dealing with Iraq to counter the newly emerged evil of Iran, thanks to Carter.

Iran became the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Look into Hezbollah and Hamas. They are terrorist organizations funded and armed by Iran. Regardless of what daffy leftist excuses are made, they are terrorists funded to kill innocents. This has been going on for decades.

Iran regularly openly calls for the destruction of a nation - Israel. It's revolting and insane that leftists wail about "genocide" of the past but when Iran states publicly they want Israel wiped off the map it's ignored.

Iran has a long history of breaking international deals, including IAEA inspection. They do not live up to deals. They will break whatever is convenient. If only there were an example of how that goes...

Fast forward to the Clinton Presidency. In 92 & 93 NK is found to be cheating on their agreements, and so announce they are bailing. Clinton pursues talks. NK agrees to talk. IAEA says NK is probably lying, CIA says they are. 1994, IAEA says they are lying, NK confirms and says piss off. Clinton sends Carter to negotiate. Carter (arguably unknown to Clinton) instead makes deal called the Agreed Framework, promises boatloads of free stuff to stop pursuing nukes. NK spends the rest of the 90s developing missiles to reach the US, being sanctioned and told to stop, and telling us to kiss their ass. They repeatedly sell missile tech and parts to *Iran* and are sanctioned for it. The entire 10 years is a series of promises, lies, and threats. 2002 Some North Koreans admit to the administration that there has always been a clandestine nuke pursuit despite agreements. NK officially denies it. One year later NK says, "Nukes? Oh yeah, we totally have them. Now what?"
Thanks Carter! Again.

The Present Administration:
Obama cheered the "Arab Spring" (and bombed stable Libya into terrorism and chaos). The "Arab Spring" enabled terrorists/jihadists to explode in the Middle East. And yet while cheering the "Arab Spring" (for "change" to "freedom", which it wasn't) he watched the video of Neda Agha Soltan die in Iran's Green Revolution and basically shrugged at the slaughter of Persians longing for freedom. You can look up her murder on youtube.
Obama gave the same non support lip service to Iranians rebelling for freedom from the theocracy that Carter gave to the Shah. Reports out of Iran are that protestors were mass slaughtered in the streets, and apparently executions have been constant since.
Why the Arabs but not the Iranians longing for freedom? (The answer: Arabs didn't want freedom, Iranians did)

Should we trust Obama? Here's a quick reminder. He was caught on a hot mic promising the Russians "more flexibility" once he was reelected. Soooo... he was outright lying to the public. I believe he mocked Romney, "the 80s want their foreign policy back." By the way, Russia has since invaded Ukraine and annexed a chunk of it, and Obama has done nothing but offer Ukraine meals. Coincidentally.

Back to Iran, the country that oppresses its people in the name of theocracy and promises to destroy another nation... oh, and calls us The Great Satan. One of the world's largest producers of oil says they need nuke plants for power generation. It is more expensive for them to generate nuclear power than use their abundant oil.

Sanctions on Iran got them talking. Obama removed them for talks. (Please refer now back to the North Korea story)
Obama Iran Negotiations photo RAMclr-022615-negotiations-WS-wide-_zpse70a1bcc.gif

What reason, given the history of Iran, Democrats, or Obama, would make any rational person think there is anything good for America, Israel, or the people of Iran in any deal he's making?

OH! By the way...
"simple ballistic missiles such as Scuds that could be launched from a freighter near our shores; "
"What would a successful EMP attack look like? The EMP Commission, in 2008, estimated that within 12 months of a nationwide blackout, up to 90% of the U.S. population could possibly perish from starvation, disease and societal breakdown. "
Read that again. 9 out of 10 of those you know. That's about 290 million Americans.
Iran has those missiles. Understand, we have no current defense against that, and the U.S. never recovers.

Just today I've run across the following, which fits perfectly with the left throughout the history above and other examples of constant betrayals and failures.

The first link is from HuffPo, just to show the source is accepted by the left wing.
My Life as a Secret Back Channel in Iran
"In the case of Obama, the secret contacts began during the election campaign of 2008, when William Miller, a former diplomat and staff director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, flew back and forth between Washington and Tehran. He was an ideal choice: an Obama loyalist, a believer in the possibility of a US-Iranian modus vivendi, and a trained diplomat, as he happily discussed his role with me a few years ago. Oddly, with all the current attention to the secret back channels, his name hasn't surfaced."

"During his first presidential campaign in 2008, Mr. Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic, and that they would be very happy with his policies. The secret channel was Ambassador William G. Miller, who served in Iran during the shah’s rule, as chief of staff for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and as ambassador to Ukraine. Ambassador Miller has confirmed to me his conversations with Iranian leaders during the 2008 campaign."

Obama is giving them nukes. It was his plan all along, just as when Carter gave Iran to theocratic oppression. That may seem like a wonderful plan. Right up until they launch an EMP from which we can't recover, or they claim terrorists stole a nuke and wipe Israel or a US city off the map. Even if that doesn't happen, the Middle East will likely begin a nuclear arms race. The Middle East full of nukes. Thanks Obama!

Obama is so obviously intent on giving a terrorist nation nukes he's already set up the plan to ignore the Constitution when it comes to treaties: Exclusive: Major nations hold talks on ending U.N. sanctions on Iran - officials
"But a Security Council resolution on a nuclear deal with Iran could be legally binding, say Western diplomatic officials. That could complicate and possibly undercut future attempts by Republicans in Washington to unravel an agreement.

[EDIT: This is a follow up to this post, with more information regarding Iran and this administration.]
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